Restorative Yoga & Essential Oils

Restorative Yoga & Essential Oils
Join Kerry, yoga instructor, personal trainer & essential oil educator, to indulge in a full hour of self care! The perfect miid week break to slow down your practice and indulge your senses in a hour of full body relaxation. Longer holds of some of your favorite yoga poses with pranayama (breathing exercises) to access deep relaxation with the support of essential oils. Each essential oil will target a different chakra to support the health and vibrancy of that chakra.  The class will begin with a brief introduction to what essential oils are and how we will be using them throughout your practice. The class will end with a chance to ask some questions and check out different oils we used throughout class. Enter to win a free drawing of a chakra supporting blend at the end of class! To learn more about Kerry and essential oils before the event head to her instagram @nothingwithoutyoga or her blog!

at Athleta
92 Newbury Street
Boston, United States



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