Review Monadnock PR-24XTS side handle baton

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The infamous PR-24 side baton can be seen in movies and TV shows. from


. You may have seen this cool device pulling you on the police belt. Security personnel carry it while patrolling. No matter where you see it, it is one of the most versatile weapons used by the police, security and the US military.

Where does the PR-24 baton come from?

The concept of the PR-24 baton was borrowed from the ancient Okinawa people who used similar side handle sticks. from


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It is speculated that the original tonfa was used by Okinawans as a grindstone for abrasive grains. By grasping the vertical short handle and seeing that the implement is suitable for the entire length of the forearm, the Okinawa used this tool as a defensive weapon against the Japanese invaders.

What is the PR-24XTS?

The PR-XTS police baton consists of an outer hollow shaft made of aluminum. Insert a polycarbonate rod into the shaft. Vertical to the aluminum shaft, there is a handle made of polycarbonate that is screwed onto the body of the aluminum shaft.

When the operator grabs the handle and flicks the baton, the polycarbonate rod extends from the hollow shaft and locks itself into a fully open 24" weapon. With a push of a button, the weapon approaches 14.5". The entire unit weighs 24 ounces. Manufactured by Monadnock Lifetime Products.

What is the PR-24XTS used for?

Traditionally, Okinawa tonfa has been used both as a combat weapon and as a blocking weapon. Today, the police who use it to fight suspects may run the risk of litigation. The PR-24XTS is used more as a control device to force suspects to comply with police officers' orders. On the offensive end, any baton can be used to tap the pressure points of the suspect. In terms of defense, the body of the forearm-compliant weapon can be used to protect the user from any astounding attack from the suspect.

Ultimately, operators can use this elegant weapon as an attacking weapon for an attacker, if and only if the user is irritated or severe physical damage is imminent.

The advantage of using the PR-24XTS is that it does not leave the smallest wound to the attacker like a knife. Second, the baton in the extended position can cause psychological deterrence to the suspect.

When searching for public safety telescopic batons, the PR-24XTS received two thumbs up. It is versatile, lightweight and compact, making it ideal for undercover, detective or patrol. For security professionals, this is the perfect choice. He doesn't have to worry about hanging a heavy 24" baton from his hips whenever he walks or patrols.

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