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For the purposes of this review, I only consider the basic fact that by becoming a Lynoses member for free, you will immediately be able to save money [in the form of 1% to 5% cash back per transaction] and as a majority of shopping. Shopping points [explained later], you usually do. By recommending your save to all your friends [after all, what is your friend for?], you can save even more! For shoppers and businesses, the operation of Lyones is definitely a win-win situation, but how does it work, is there any area for improvement?

From a shopper's perspective, the overall concept is actually not simple. Getting started is free and there are no ongoing membership fees. All shoppers must do to make sure that he or she buys as much as possible from local or online Lynose merchants. By ensuring that they often make normal shopping for the Lyoness store, they can ensure that each sale will generate 1 to 5% of total spend.

There are also “friendship” bonuses and “shopping point” bonuses, which are also available for free on top of these amazing savings. Introduce these advantages to your friends and you immediately start getting a “friendship bonus” based on their level of shopping at Lyoness Merchants. When these friends introduce the Lyones card to their friends [why shouldn't they do this?] you will also get this friendship reward from their spending. Imagine if you only introduce 5 friends each month, they will do the same…

You can even upgrade to Lynose's "Lyconet" online marketing package for free, which will allow you to expand your connections with friends around the world, at least 8 other ways to generate significant revenue. Almost 50 countries have lived with Lyoness, and more countries can follow. With Lyones' intention to become the world's largest company by 2020, it seems to be meaningful to participate now – especially since it won't cost you anything.

How is the businessman? After all, unless the seller has something, no one with a normal mind will give each Lynose member a 1-5% cash discount!

Every merchant's business needs to invest in identifying new customers and then ensuring that these new shoppers remain loyal to them. As an exchange of various member benefits to shoppers, Lyones will implement a very strong marketing support program that will not only bring new business to the business, but also help merchants with these new and existing businesses. Establish strong loyalty to connect with customers. This is done through a very useful online search tool on a PC, laptop or smartphone that identifies the Lynoses merchant in the region where the shopper is currently located.

Once the merchant has acquired a new customer, there is another incentive, the “shopping point,” in order to lock them in. I won't discuss the mechanics of these shopping spots here, but in a nutshell, every time you spend £90 with a Lynose business, you get one or more shopping spots. Shoppers don't have to spend so much on a single visit, so two or three or more trips a month can easily be added to one or more shopping spots. Each shopping point has a minimum value of £4.50 and the selected Lyoness merchant offers attractive price offers. Some merchants will use this tool to increase bonuses to attract merchants in certain regions, and may offer more than one shopping spot for every £90 spent.

For those who are already enough to remember the Green Shield stamp, this is a very early "open" loyalty program [not related to any company, unlike the Tesco club card], my car did not choose to be in BP, Shell Run on, Texaco, or Jet Gasoline, but give the most green shield stamps in the garage. I will make a few miles for the "Four Green Shield Stamps," which is what Lyoness is starting to recreate – bringing more benefits.

If you think that the Nectar© merchant [another common "open" membership card] now has more than 90 million regulars, and the total number of Lyonys is currently about 5 million, and their optimistic goal is to reach 1 billion by 2020. You can see that if these goals are everyone involved today, they will be very grateful for what they have done in just a few years. But who gets paid and recommends Nectar Points to their friends?

Even if you only consider free cashback facilities and the shopping points you have already spent, the savings of £500 per month per month is really worth it. Plus, you can get the "friendship bonus" income by recommending friends for free registration, and then save money on their "Anyway Spend", which can be another profitable person. You can even get a "friendship reward" from friends recommended by friends. Imagine if you have ten friends sign up every month to save money, then they will do the same for their ten friends.

Lyoness shoppers work with any existing Store Customer Loyalty card to get all the best special offers and other loyalty programs. For example, if a Lynose member regularly shop at a particular store and holds a membership card specific to that store, they will not only pay their Lyyoness cash back to the bank account, they will also benefit from the offers offered by the store. Being visited.

You will be very surprised and impressed by the range and calibre of the Lynose Loyalty merchants already involved, but although the membership is free, there is only an "invitation" from another Lyoness member, so if you want to surprise, please contact Known existing Lyoness shoppers and ask them to register for you.

However, not only large chains can be approved businesses, Lyones is working hard to go to court and encouraging small and medium-sized businesses, such as local grocery stores, dentists, hairdressers and other local specialty stores, to become Lyoness SME. The description of the Lynose SME program is beyond the scope of this review, but it is enough to show where a small company joins the program, not only will they get a lot of marketing support, but if approved, they can also get a unique catchment. Their new customers from Lyones are another big boost to their income.

If a local SME, such as a grocery store and a deli, has spoken of hundreds of existing regulars, some of these customers will sign up for a unique free merchant/Lyoness membership if they spend each month at a SME store. £50, spending £500 or more per month at other Lyoness stores [this list is growing every day], whenever any of these customers get a haircut, eat pizza, drink coffee, or shop at another big Lyoness every month. Time Loyalty Merchants – SME owners get 1% of total spend from a loyal customer base – and an additional 0.5% from friends, they also get a free Lynoses membership.

It's not just the tediousness of regular shopping. In addition to groceries, gasoline, gas and electricity, the concept of Lyones is that you should eventually be able to buy any products or services from the Lyonose Loyalty Merchant. How about a wonderful overseas vacation, a new kitchen suite, or even a new Mercedes? Imagine introducing a friend and going out to buy a new car through Lyoness. What a wonderful friendship reward can you create for you?

By getting your friends and family involved in these savings, you actually have a very simple word-of-mouth recommendation business that can evolve into a strong home-based business.

If your friends then recommend their friends to join Lyones, you can also get the same level of commission [0.5%] from their spending. I know this seems small, especially if each friend spends only £200 a month on a Lynose business, you only need to pay £1 at your bank. But you said that you introduced 10 friends, they introduced 10 friends, and then you will have more than 100 friends, earning a total of 100 pounds a month. Imagine if you launch 10 new friends every month, they spend more than £500 a month on food, gasoline and entertainment…

If you want to upgrade to Lyconet's online marketing solution by upgrading [again free], and maybe even go international with your members, you can accelerate the development of this home-based business. This will enable you to follow the Lyons career path program, which is considered to generate more than £50,000 per month at level 8.

So it all sounds great, maybe it's really great – then below [if any]?

What are the disadvantages of joining an international shopping community with free membership is just to make sure you spend your "already spent" monthly funds at each Lynose store [online or offline store]. This will ensure that: –

  • Up to 5% cash back for every transaction paid to your bank every Tuesday
  • Get one or more shopping points [valued at £4.50, with additional discounts on products and services from the expanding Lyoness Mall] as a loyalty reward for every £90 spent
  • Get a continuous friendship bonus just to recommend your friends to join – there are two levels
  • Expand your network of potential friends by upgrading to a Lyconet member [Lyoness Internet Marketer – also free], where you can build a very valuable international family business with as many levels as possible.

I will definitely begin to look at this opportunity in more detail, and have already registered the marketing department of Lynose, the Lyconet Internet Marketing Facility, which is the next phase of a successful home-based business with Lyones.

With all the improvements I've seen so far, it's time to get involved in becoming the world's largest company by 2020. Better inner feelings are warmer and more comfortable than freezing outside.

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