REVIT Essentials 2017 (MEP,Arch. & Struct)

REVIT Essentials 2017 (MEP,Arch. & Struct)
Autodesk Revit Software has been pivotal in enabling BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodologies to become commonplace in the most demanding construction projects around the globe.Many successful projects using BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodologies have clearly demonstrated the benefits of adoption, and BIM has proved to be exceptionally advantageous throughout a majority of a construction project's life cycle and beyond. Autodesk Revit® software delivers a rich feature set of tools to architects, engineers, and contractors that allow users to easily coordinate even the most complex of construction projects, produce high-quality construction and engineering documentation and quickly assess and deliver construction and engineering project changes under budget and ahead of schedule. As a part of Autodesk’s BIM solution and CAD software portfolio Revit Software is available in a variety of versions including Autodesk Revit® Architecture,  Revit® MEP and also Revit® Structure as well as in a number of the Autodesk® software suites. Course Quick Fact  ·  Course Duration is  8 Fridays ( Weekend batch) ·  Training Starts on 02 June 2017 ·  Training Timings: 1:00PM – 5:00PM ·  Led by an Experienced & Autodesk Certified instructor ·  Virtual classroom environment ·  We provide detailed course Manual ·  Real Project Exercises ·  Free Retrain ·  35 Contact Hours Course Completion Certificate    Course Fee:2000QR   With Best Regards Anwar Mohammed Marketing Executive For Registration Please Call +974- 7028 6868

at Famous Institute of Management
Opp New woqod petrol station & Opp to Al Maha Dental Clinic , Stanlli Offices Building, 4 th Floor Office No:40/406
Doha, Qatar



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