Riding a Lawn Mower Review – Is the new Husqvarna Rider R155 AWD the right mower for you?

What factors are important to you when choosing a riding mower? The best lawn mower on the lawn depends on many factors, including the size of the lawn and the number of obstacles, such as fountains, benches, flower beds, etc. If you have a large lawn with many obstacles and uneven lawns, a highly maneuverable riding lawn mower may be the most appropriate. Husqvarna Rider R155 AWD's new Husqvarna Rider R155 AWD is a riding lawn mower that can handle slopes, wet grass and obstacles, as well as fine cutting cuttings to provide quality lawn fertilizer, which may be just what you need.

Husqvarna Rider R155 AWD is one of the best lawn mowers for large uneven lawns. It's a well-crafted lawn mower with a very flexible design, so if your lawn has many obstacles like flower beds or trees, it's the ideal choice. The new all-wheel drive [all-wheel drive] is automatic, and losing traction will force it to engage all four wheels. Husqvarna Rider can easily handle sloping lawns or mowing in wet conditions.

The unique articulated steering system further enhances maneuverability, allowing the rear wheel pair to swing underneath the machine. The result is superior maneuverability with a 4 inch turning radius when fully locked.

The mower has 3 cutting blades and a front cutting platform. The cutting height can be set from 1-1 / 2 to 3-1 / 2 inches. The front-mounted cutting table provides excellent accessibility under corners, benches and bushings. Very efficient cutting and covering is achieved with 3 blades, and the detachable BioChip can be cut into a cover under the cutting deck when installed, then fall onto the lawn and quickly turn into fertilizer.

The Husqvarna Rider R155 AWD is equipped with a pressure-lubricated Kohler OHV engine. The wheel weight with ball bearings ensures maximum grip while ensuring minimal stress in the gearbox. When the cutting table is lowered, the blades are automatically engaged and all controls are easily accessible from the driver's seat. Although some engine vibrations can be felt, the seat itself is quite comfortable. The absence of a flat, flat floor on the deck may make it harder for the more flexible gardener to install.

Although the Husqvarna Rider R155 AWD is expensive [basic models over $9,000], it should provide years of quality service. The Husqvarna Rider R155G2 is a bit cheaper without AWD. A good choice for horse-riding mowers, make your lawn look professional and complete in the shortest possible time.


  • Very flexible
  • Easy to operate
  • Carefully designed and built for long life
  • Excellent coverage


  • Expensive
  • Very loaded
  • If you cut grass for a long time, engine vibration can be annoying.

in conclusion

Husqvarna Rider R155 AWD is a well-structured and highly mobile lawn mower that cuts a large, uneven lawn with many obstacles and slopes. Coverage is a good complement, but the expensive price tag will make this mower go beyond the scope of many gardeners. Its sturdy construction and long life will make it a good mower for future use as a second-hand deal.

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