Roofing system: brand and integrity

This is right, I call it the system because your roof is more than just shingles. I know that most homeowners think that when they remove old shingles and install new shingles, they have already received new roofs because this is what their roof company told them.

However, your roof has several different components and the different functions of these components, which is why it is called a system.

Let's take a look at a complete roof system

Your complete roof system consists of different components with different functions, the system is layered, and each floor protects your home in different ways and with different weather elements. I refer to these functions as sealing, protection and breathing.

Now let's take a look at the meaning of Seal, Defend and Breathe:

seal from


  • carpet from

     – There are several different types of liners, such as #15 and #30 felt paper and synthetic roofing liners, all designed to protect your roof from moisture and damage and provide another layer of protection. These components are also very important as they help the asphalt tile roof assembly to achieve Class A fire rating.

  • Self mucosa from

     Ice and Water shield, WeatherLock and StormGuard [depending on the shingle you are using] provide a higher level of defense against ice and water. They are usually installed in areas that are susceptible to ice and water, such as along the soffits, eves and valleys.

Defensive from


  • Beginner herpes zoster from

     – These shingles are installed along the perimeter of the roof and sealed to the first layer of herpes zoster, helping to fix herpes zoster and provide a higher resistance to wind.

  • Herpes zoster from

     – This is what everyone sees when they see their roof, or it is the only component that the homeowner considers when getting a new roof. There are several different styles, categories and classifications for herpes zoster, so it is wise to know as much as possible about the shingles before choosing a color.

  • Hip and ridge-like herpes from

     – These are shingles on the roof peaks and contours that help protect against rain and wind while enhancing the overall appearance of the roof by giving the roof a complete look.

Breathe from


  • ventilation from

     – This is a very important part of your roof system as it is very important to your family. A well-ventilated roof will help improve airflow and protect it from heat and moisture. Venting your roof also ventilates your attic, including air intakes [soffit vents] and exhaust vents [ridge vents, turbine vents, power vents, etc.] to help control airflow and help prevent mold, ice dams And manage the attic temperature.

Your complete roof system has other necessary components that must be replaced and/or installed when you complete the roof. These components have dripping edges, flickering pipes, chimneys and walls flickering, and more. These components are very important because they help you have a tightly secured, well-protected roof.

Now that I have described a complete roof system, let's discuss a "brand" roof system

The “brand” roof system follows the same design as the full roof system, and only the “brand” roof system will use specific manufacturing materials. GAF and Owens Corning [two] are the two leaders in the national manufacturer and roofing materials industry. By using manufacturer-specific products such as; herpes zoster, initial shingles, hip and scaly herpes, synthetic pads, ridged vents and self-adhesive, you will have a complete "brand" roof system .

You may ask, from

What makes the "brand" complete roof system better? from

  Manufacturers have designed and developed these products to provide the highest level of protection for your home. While the design and development of discounted similar materials collected from different manufacturers does not work together, they do not protect your home like a “brand” complete roof system.

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