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RV awnings are one of those must-have accessories, 3 am, windy wind, you may wish you didn't!

Who can remember the six or so steps required to lower an item under these conditions? Have you ever woke up after the thunderstorm in the midsummer night, is your awning stunned? Have you ever tried to empty a hundred gallons of water collected in a drooping awning? Believe me when I say you don't need to go through the "happy" camping.

The recreational vehicle awning is designed as a parasol period. If it happens, it will start to sprinkle a little, and it will also play a breeze – don't worry – your RV awning can handle it. But if those dark clouds are building on the horizon and the birds are looking for shelter, then you really should consider rolling them up. You really should consider rolling it up now.

Practice rolling up the awning on a calm day until you remember the program. Then do the same thing while covering your eyes, someone is spraying a hose on your face. This will simulate a typical emergency storm cancellation. Of course it is an exception to the wind. For this simulation, you will need three rather burly guys, all pulling the awnings in the same direction in different directions. Once you have completed the previous exercises, you will understand why experienced campers will remove the awning when they are in the first signs of trouble.

After rolling up for a few months, your awning will be well ventilated and bathed in warm water and a mild detergent. Use a car wash brush to scrub the top and bottom surfaces. A small WD-40 on the moving parts helps to release and protect these components. Dry thoroughly before rerolling.

Open one end of the awning and let the rain drain. When the awning is free to stand, it hangs down the awning so that a gust of wind does not turn over the awning. In addition, the awning may be bound by a special awning strap in the local RV store. If you suspect that a strong wind or storm is coming, the safest thing to do is to roll up the awning.

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