Scarlet Sails (NYC), Radiator King, Night Animals

Scarlet Sails (NYC), Radiator King, Night Animals

Indie rock band with a soul and attitude. When all you see is darkness within, you find the light, that’s what Scarlet Sails sound like.

“With Olya Viglione at the helm as lead vocalist and her incredible drummer husband Brian Viglione – a staple in the music community, best known for his work with The Dresden Dolls and Violent Femmes – driving the instrumentals with his powerful percussion.” – Impose Magazine

Somewhere between punk and blues – a porch and an alley – lies Radiator King, the performing/recording name of Boston native and Brooklyn based, Adam Silvestri. Established in 2011, Radiator King’s music shows influences from both Dylan and Strummer with a sound described by Boston blog Allston Pudding as something akin to what “Tom Waits locked in a room for a month with nothing but a copy of Springstein’s Nebraska” might produce. Whether alone with a guitar or backed by a band, Radiator King embodies the raw energy of punk, the grit and intricacy of delta blues, and the lyrical potency of folk in “songs that are the sonic equivalent to an old whiskey bar at the end of a dirt road.”

An SF-based group rocking nocturnal funk tunes and digging through your garbage since 2015.

at The Hemlock Tavern
1131 Polk Street
San Francisco, United States

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