Science or art?

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In my third year of junior high school, like my Nigerian classmates, stereotypes made me believe that I must become a science major to be considered a person who is likely to succeed in the future. Science students offer core science subjects, so such people are likely to be engineers or doctors. These two professions are also considered to be the only good jobs in Nigeria. Therefore, I must tell myself that I will become a doctor. I mean, this is what my father likes to hear.

Now, I have entered the next stage, the first year is high school, as a science student. My best new friend became my textbook on physics, biology and chemistry. This is no longer a joke, because a person's high school grades constitute the most important part of a college admission transcript. Oh, I found myself working hard to learn and get good grades in these subjects, but I lost interest in science. At this point, I have repeatedly asked myself if I really want to learn medicine, or just as a stereotype of my decision makers.

The beliefs in Nigeria still exist, and only those who take courses in art subjects can become lawyers. Since many of my friends laugh at my decision to become a lawyer, it is often frustrating to have a group conversation with my peers. They have been joking since I provided major science subjects in high school. However, with courage, I refuse to shake my dream of becoming a lawyer.

I think another mentality of the Nigerians is that if a child does not score 100% on anything they do, they will automatically not understand anything they have learned at school. but it is not the truth. Your intelligence should not be determined solely by testing. Think about it, when we don't know if they really score 100% in each test, why do we praise these so-called smart people.

Sadly, young people, rather than being motivated, often yell because they have not achieved perfect results. Still, everyone has the same brain power, so we can all achieve amazing results. Don't be distracted, but focus on the most important things you have to deal with now. Challenge yourself to do better than you think. Therefore, you need to work harder than you think.

I encourage people to never pursue the careers they really want. Whether he/she is a science student or whether he/she has the best grades in high school, the individual can be successful. Our stereotypes in Nigerian society should not affect what you want or what you want in the future. Instead, your driving should be touched by the passion you have.

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