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Where do you put the security camera? Is your security protection most needed inside or outside your facility? Your biggest concern is to focus on your employees on theft issue, or whether you want to protect the exterior of the building and use the camera as a deterrent to potential criminals. In addition, a security camera may be required only for a certain day or week. These different scenarios may require different types of cameras, and depending on the number of sites to be monitored, systems that can efficiently handle multiple cameras are needed.

Security cameras are available in both wired and wireless formats. A wired system is difficult to move once installed, but it provides a more stable connection than a wireless system, while a wireless system has more flexibility where the camera can be placed, but the signal may be interrupted at certain times.

Security cameras are available in both black and white and color. If cost is the main factor, the B/W format is often the cheapest. However, if the system is to be used in a dark environment, additional lighting may be required if the camera is not of sufficient quality, at an additional cost.

If you want to use the camera in low light conditions, buying an infrared camera will be a solution. Some of these types of cameras have a night mode ' automatically switch if necessary.

When you decide which type of security camera to buy, the most common type of camera is the dome camera or bullet camera. Dome cameras have certain advantages: it is often difficult for a person looking at the camera to determine the direction in which it is pointing, and the coverage of the area is typically greater than that of a bullet camera. On the other hand, bullet cameras are usually more cost effective, and their design can be a huge criminal deterrent. In addition, the bullet camera can also be equipped with an infrared function so they can be placed in low light areas.

How to communicate with a security camera or camera is very important. If you just want a possible intruder to see a camera to stop them from doing any criminal activity, that's fine. However, if you want to see your home or business when you leave, and you can control the camera or possibly communicate with an intruder, your camera needs to be linked to your phone with the appropriate software. The cost will of course vary, but the satisfaction and comfort you have is often worth the money. There is a system for your situation, which is a one-time fee.

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