Shaily Signature-2 17

Shaily Signature-2 17
Product Launching
Signature 2, a set of beautiful Printed Georgette Sarees launched by Shaily. There is are 18 different color combinations and designs to choose from as per your liking.

The fabric as mentioned in description is Georgette. A light weight fabric which goes well with printed designs. There are some designs which are dual toned. Some has beautiful flowery designs printed on the border.

The best part is that this collection is now available in single units too, along with full-set. You need to hurry if you are looking for single units, they might sell-out quickly depending upon the uniqueness of designs.

It would be a good decision to buy a full set if you are a trader. We will deliver it to your address anywhere in India and abroad as per your preferences. We deliver to Middle East, America, U.K., Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other Asia-Pacific Nations.

Specifications are as under:

Catalog Name: Signature 2
Catalog Code: TSS0617SG2
Fabric: Georgette
Price: INR 525/piece.
Total: 18 Designs

Note: The color of actual product might look different depending on the visual settings of your device's display.
Shipping Charges Extra.

Please send your inquiries via Whatsapp on +91-7874004400.



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