Should there be trust between a blogger and their readers?

In order to maintain a great relationship online between a blogger and readers of that blog there should be a line of trust and truthfulness to the content the blogger provides. Should a blogger have to tell the truth on their blog? Should they be able to lie without disclosure? This question is erupting in blogging circles and raising a lot of emotions, bringing attention to whether or not the reader has a right to demand disclosure from a blog they read regularly. I think it’s important that a blogger be honest about their content they provide.

Imagine you have read a story on a mom blogger facing challenges with raising a special needs child. She’s sharing her daily ups and downs and you find yourself connecting with everything she is going through. You have left comments on her blog to help raise awareness and support her endeavours and even posted on your own website with links back to her site. Your site is linked to hers and you have discovered she has lied on her blog about her situation. This does not bold well for you and the many others her site is now associated with. How would you feel?

There would be a range of emotions after discovering a blogger has lied on their blog. Bloggers I think should be required to blog with Integrity, never be misleading to their readers in any way, shape or form. When a reader has invested their own emotions and time and energy on a cause that was misleading in nature, and has put their own reputations as a blogger and person on the line by supporting that blog, it can become difficult to build a relationship online. It can destroy that bloggers character if linked to such a site.

The best way to have blog success is not purposely create falsehoods within your posts. Doing so affects everyone directly related to that blog. If you are building your brand and wanting to build solid relationships with others, remember that lying about what you write about is not the way to go.

Every advertiser who paid to be listed on the blog gets hurt. Affiliates who have worked with the blog, backing them and promoting them through social networks will have their reputation damaged. You can always change names or do things to protect privacy. Just make sure your posts and topics you are sharing are truthful and not made up.

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