1. khurram shahzada khurram shahzada

    Is python and jQuery are enough for web development or complete JavaScript is necessary?

  2. Eshaan Sharma Eshaan Sharma

    Personally I feel that JavaScript syntax is highly intuitive.

  3. Mza Mza

    I've been hearing a lot of negative stuff about JavaScript, but this video put me at ease, looks like I didn't make the wrong choice with choosing to learn JS, thanks Stef!

  4. Jimi Hendrix Jimi Hendrix

    Whats your thoughts on leaning JavaScript and CSS as your first programming languages?

  5. TwoGenius TwoGenius

    cool thanks for this video 😀

  6. tree.g.b Chen tree.g.b Chen

    The most thing I learn from this channel is not Tech knowledge stuff, but experience, though I just know this channel but this is my observation about this channel, thanks for sharing your experience this is rare on youtube Stefan Mischook.

  7. Yuri Oliveira do Nascimento Yuri Oliveira do Nascimento

    Thanks a lot for the enlightenment

  8. Srdjan Repensek Srdjan Repensek

    Hello Stefan, Thanks for the great videos. Back in the day I got your course "KILLER Complete Web Programmer" Great stuff!

    Talking about JS, I created an app, in JQuery, fabricJS, HTML, CSS, and app works well, all good…
    I want to go step further, I want to "Convert" into an app for iOS and Android, so it can work offline too. Any idea what technology I can use to do it? Is there a way to convert, or I need to write app from the beginning? As you can guess, I never did it before.

    Looking forward to answer, and thanks again, for an awesome channel,
    best regards, Srdjan

  9. pakpukik pakpukik

    Hi. Your video helps. Is there a certain method you can recommend for learning Javascript? Is there a possibilty to learn this language from the web? I am an old school C programmer …

  10. Leverquin Leverquin


  11. WhatIsThatSmackingAgainstTheWall? WhalePenis WhatIsThatSmackingAgainstTheWall? WhalePenis

    Teach me lua

  12. Stereo Beatboxer Stereo Beatboxer

    I just discovered your channel. Very helpful videos, thank you!

  13. furrukhjamal00 furrukhjamal00

    what do you suggest to someone 31yrs old just started learning coding by self teaching myself

  14. Rajesh Sahu Rajesh Sahu

    thanku so much sir
    which channel is best for java script???

  15. David Obed David Obed

    Nice shirt


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