Significance of consumer Forum Bangalore

When it comes to consumer rights very little is known about the forums which settle the consumer disputes and provide justice to the consumers. Either the consumer does not have any information at all or whatever small bit of information is with him is misleading and not complete due to which a consumer hesitates to approach consumer forum authority.

Government has established consumer courts and forums at all levels from District, State to Central and in all the major cities and towns so that consumers hailing from all the strata are provided justice. Consumer forum Bangalore is one of the important forums in the country and in this city the forum has been divided into four branches and each Consumer forum Bangalore handles cases depending upon its level. The various consumer forums in Bangalore are:

1. Bangalore Urban District Consumer Disputes Redressal, Basava Bhavan, Sri Basaveshwara Circle , High Grounds, Bangalore-560001.
2. Bangalore Urban District Forum, Cauvery Bhavan, 8th Floor, BWSSB Wing, Kempe Gawda Road, Bangalore -560009
3. Bangalore Rural & Urban I Addl. District Forum, 1/7, Swathi Complex, Seshadripuram, Bangalore-560020
4. Bangalore Urban III Addl. District Forum, No.8, VI floor, Cunningham Road, Bangalore-560052

Role of consumer forum Bangalore

The CPA or the Consumer Protection Act was implemented in 1989 and the consumer forum was formed which is a quasi-judicial body. This is the platform, where the consumers can voice out their grievances and lodge complaint against the service providers. The process has been kept very simple and easy so that even a common man with very little knowledge of legalities can approach consumer forum Bangalore and register his complaint.

Dishonesty is not a crime any more. Rather it is the basic plinth on which the dome of many businesses is built. And when someone is succeeding in such a way, there are others who are suffering hugely due to such discrepancies. Consumer forum Bangalore has been established to resolve such disputes of the consumers and provide them justice.

The forum has the authority to punish the service provider in case he is found guilty of providing deficient service or selling faulty product. The forum can direct the service-provider to pay the compensation to the consumer if the charges against him are established in the forum. In case the service-provider fails to comply with the directions issued by the consumer forum Bangalore, the forum has the authority to penalize the service-provider.

You come across many reputed and established brands and purchase your mobile handset or Fridge taking into consideration the reputation of that particular brand. But even then, there are chances that sometimes the product purchased by you can turn out to be defective. And hence, you should always keep the cash receipts, warranty cards, and memo's secured as they can come handy whenever you want to either send notice to the service-provider for rectifying or replacing the product or lodge a complaint in the consumer forum. A highly informed and awaken consumer can play a key role in bringing such discrepancies to limelight which can further contribute in reducing such incidences.

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