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Wassiyah [Islamic Wills] and Muslim heritage planning have not been widely practiced. Common comments are: –

“The Qur'an has assigned my asset allocation through Fara' id.”


"You don't need to write a will. There is Fara' id."

Encourage Muslims to create Islamic will.

"According to reasonable usage, when death is close to any of you, if he leaves any goods, he makes a request to parents and relatives, this is prescribed; this is because those who fear God. It will guess what to do The person who changes, because Allah will hear and know [all things]. But if anyone is worried about part of the will or unethical behavior and peace between [the parties concerned], then there is nothing wrong with him; Because Allah is tolerant. Most merciful."

  Al-Baqarah [2:180-182]

The first sentence is correct. After the application, the Islamic court will issue a certificate of inheritance called “Sijil Warisan” after the death of the Singaporean Muslim. Fara's stock allocation is reflected in the inheritance certificate of the assigned heritage assets.

Fara' id appears in Chapter 7 of An-Nisa [female], Al-Quran in Chapters 4 and 12 of Chapter 12, and in the Sahih Muslim Hadith in Book 11, Kitab Al -Fara' ID.

Application of Fara&id and other Islamic laws

Mr. Ahmed is a Muslim convert who divorced a 10-year-old son two years ago. He switched a year ago and remarried shortly thereafter. From this marriage, he had a daughter and was responsible for serving the son of the previous marriage. Mr. Ahmed hopes to send his son to the university in the future. He hopes to help his son when he dies.

The distribution of his legacy after death is in Fara&id. Distribution:

The assets of Mr. Ahmed after his death will be divided into the following 8 shares:

1. Wife will get 1/8

  Daughter will get 4/8

  3. Baitulmal will get 3/8

* Baitulmal is an institution that acts as a Muslim trustee. It is responsible for managing the assets that members of the Muslim public can benefit from.

Mr. Ahmed’s non-Muslim son will not be able to inherit his beneficiaries unless Islam will provide up to one-third of the assets. As a Muslim convert, his entire family before conversion was excluded from the legal benefits of Islamic law. This is specifically mentioned in Kitab Al-Fara&id.

Book 011, No. 3928 [Section 1]:

  Osama Bay Zaid reported on the Messenger of Allah [possibly peace on him]: Muslims have no right to inherit non-Muslims, and non-Muslims have no right to inherit Muslims.

One third of Mr. Ahmed’s estate usually goes to Baitulmal.

In Singapore, Shafie School of Law allows non-Muslims to obtain one-third of the Muslim heritage at the time of death as part of the Wassiyah [Muslim will].

Every Muslim family must be cautious when planning their heritage/heritage.

Some other tools for distributing Muslim wealth in Singapore are: –

Hibah – a gift in a lifetime.

Harta Sepencarian – According to customary law, a spouse’s claim for the alleged estate is up to 50% of the total assets terminated.

Islamic Trust – Individual and/or commercial assets can be held in Islamic Trust Funds to benefit specific beneficiaries

Wassiyah [Islamic Wills] – Appoints executors to heritage assistance to avoid disputes between family members and accelerate the smooth probate process.

With this knowledge, it is only in this field of work to find the right expertise to help Muslims plan his legacy.

Reza Kamarudin has been engaged in financial consulting since 2007. He is passionate about real estate planning because it brings value to the home sector and how real estate planning preserves the love and dignity of the family.

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