Single axis and series axis: What is the difference?

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There are many aspects that need to be evaluated when deciding to purchase a single or twin axle trailer. First, what you need to know is the number of axles that determine the number of wheels: the tandem trailer has two sets of wheels. Single-axle trailers require fewer tires and brakes for maintenance. So now you question whether it is best to have a single trailer or a dual trailer, and how these axles will affect the performance of the transport weight.

As the name suggests, single-axle trailers are easier to handle and retrofit because they have only one axis at each end. Smaller size trailers inevitably make them more fuel efficient than series counterparts and are generally less expensive. Not only are they easier to park, they are cheaper and more economical. When you purchase a trailer, you may consider the cost of maintenance. In this case, few tires can reduce replacement costs.

The biggest drawback is that they are smaller in size, which means you can't transport as much cargo as a tandem trailer. The ability to move is usually small, so you may face some limitations because there are only two attempts to carry the weight. Although these parkings are easier to park, riding on bumpy roads feels less stable.

The Tandem Axle Trailers are trailers with two sets of axles designed to withstand extra weight under any high pressure conditions. The tandem trailer is ideal for heavy loads and is ideal for high speed driving. Not only is it safer to load correctly, but it is also less likely to shake. No matter what you pull, there is usually a better suspension. By choosing a tandem model, you can drag more weight, so in the long run, extra extras are worthwhile.

Although the traction level is not that important in the first case, you need to pay more attention because if you only drag unevenly on a set of axes, it will damage the life of the tire. If you carry a light, your fuel economy will also be affected. If you decide to invest in a tandem trailer with more axes, you should be aware of the need for more maintenance on bearings, tires and grease.

In the end, there is no right decision, everything depends on your needs and weight load.

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