Six innovative ideas for bathroom renovation

If you think the following design specifications are boring, try incorporating some fresh design ideas into your bathroom renovation project. With a little imagination and courage, you can create a new bathroom space that you want to spend time on!


Have you ever thought about installing a gorgeous ornate chandelier on a whirlpool? How extravagant! If your room is small, lighting installed under cabinets and dressing tables can be an effective way to give an illusion of space and depth.


Although the fireplace looks normal in the living room or family room, it can also give your dressing room a warm feel. Imagine creating a comfortable atmosphere by adding a fireplace to the bathroom renovation project. When you bathe in a large bathtub, the flame of dancing can help you relax by creating an elegant and luxurious experience.

Sink and vanity

When choosing a sink or dressing table, there is a world of choice. If you like this style, you can even choose antique bureau or sideboard as vanity. The sink basins come in almost any shape and size. Choose unusual colors, finishes, sizes or shapes to add unexpected design elements to your room. Materials include glass, wood, porcelain, stainless steel, cast iron, enamel and solid surfaces.

Tile option

The exciting innovations of tiles create a rich selection of bathroom renovations. Cover horizontal surfaces with exciting colors and textures of various sizes and shapes. Tiles can also extend vertically across the wall, extending color and texture throughout the room. Use a variety of tile sizes in a coordinated palette to create a surprising room.

Innovative shower concept

Take your shower to the next level by designing a walk-in area that is not separated by glass. Even if you don't have a lot of space, you can add a walk-in shower. When you consider the bathtub and the toilet, it may be easy to forget the seat, but this is an important factor. If your bathroom renovation plan includes a steam bath or a large shower, you can add a built-in chase that lets you tilt while steaming or showering. Imagine feeling comfortable and peaceful when you are lying in a luxury.

Integrated electronics

If audio and visual technology appeal to you, don't let the old specs stop you. You can add a wall-mounted waterproof TV that you can see from the shower or bathtub so you can watch it while you are taking a shower. You can also choose from a variety of mirror TVs, which are actually mirrors with TV capabilities! These TVs add features such as lighting, radio and waterproof remote control. Another gadget to consider is a shower head that doubles as a speaker, allowing you to connect to any device via Bluetooth.

With all these possibilities, there is no reason not to design your bathroom renovation project! Learn where your imagination and innovation can bring you.

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