Slowkey Fred & Even Steven – 20 Fax (Official Video) Prod.1Lowkey



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    • avatar ELEVATOR 1

      dig it

      • avatar Francia Godinez 2

        All these people "I came here cuz of Instagram meme" BITCH I BET YOUR ASS DONT KNOW WHOS SLOWKEY FRED😂😂

        • avatar Alex Kubi 1

          I fw It 🤘🏾

          • avatar MarlonDayDreams 1

            Bruh I thought this was 21 when I heard a snippet of it. IVE BEEN SEARCHING UP 21 SAVAGE ALL THIS TIME 😂😭

            • avatar NoTjUsT hUmAn 1

              Holy shit share this I'm fucking dying right now, this shit is so fucking hot 😎🔥🔥🔥

              • avatar Gentle Giant182 1

                my nigga u gone be big soon yo video jus gotta get out there

                • avatar JustAGirlNamedKay 1

                  Rope gang

                  • avatar Mikey Official 1

                    Shit is fuego 😤🔥

                    • avatar Gino Young 0

                      This shit really knock

                      • avatar Big Boy 0

                        Shoutout Adam

                        • avatar Big Boy 1

                          Rope gang

                          • avatar VM H 1


                            • avatar WAVE TWNTY 0


                              MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION.

                              • avatar Noah Amesquita 1

                                This shit hot shout out Adam 22

                                • avatar Scottmichael O'Leary 2

                                  Rope gang- kid wit the Patagonia and thrasher

                                  • avatar Mischief Memoirs 0

                                    Rope gang 😋

                                    • avatar Malachi Hollins 1

                                      Hey no jumper I'm not gonna say I'm the next beetles but ill n bigger than them before I hit 20 my name is young woah go listen to just chill on sound cloud type in @lilwoah plz I watched every video of yours you my insparation it would mean alot plz

                                      • avatar ItsTrevonRoss 1

                                        NO JUMPER IM 16 FROM CANADA JUST LISTEN TO THIS!!!!!!!!!!! IT INVLOVES XANXS