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I want to throw a question to my small business public relations friend. Imagine that Friends A will send you a short, direct email about getting together for dinner. At the same time, friend B sent you a long three-length e-mail and asked for a dinner plan. Which friend are you more likely to answer first? More likely, you will reply to a friend first. You should consider the pitch notes in exactly the same way. Writing a short note can be challenging when you have a lot to say, but I did find that the shorter the pitch, the faster the response.

When you are anxious to share news about your new product/service, keep your notes simple, concise, and most importantly relevant. The reporter receives a lot of emails [I mean TONS] every day. So, as you move on to the next DIY PR adventure, follow these four simple steps to get your media to pitch.

1. Relevance: I will assume that your research has been completed and that you have confirmed that your marketing is related to publications, columns and journalists. Go back to the friend A&B example above for a minute. If you email a friend in California to go to New York to watch a movie, you probably won't be much successful, right? In fact, your friend may want to know if you have a serious mistake. It is equally ridiculous to send notes about new food to people involved in technology.

2. Length: The fewer rules apply here. If possible, email ads should be less than eight to ten sentences. This is especially challenging if your product may require some explanation. Even experienced public relations staff can find writing notes as a time investment.

3. Notable news? The note description gives you an opportunity to learn about the media perspective and understand why journalists want to write about your product/service. It also gives you the opportunity to connect your business with recent trends. Is your product a new technology for changing the rules of the game? Do you offer clever gift ideas that are perfect for Mother's Day gift guides?

4. Structure. Here's how I recommend integrating everything together:

– Introduction

– product information

– Media perspective/hook [why is your product/service newsworthy? Is it suitable for trends?]

– Provide more information

– Press releases, photography, samples, etc.

– Contact information [telephone, email, social media, etc.]

If you have any questions about promoting the media or general public relations, please feel free to contact me.

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