Sneaker Freaks 5 Years

Sneaker Freaks 5 Years
SNEAKER FREAKS 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY - SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 17TH AT THE OHIO STATE FAIRGROUNDS - YOU CAN BRING UP TO 4 PAIRS TO SELL/TRADE WITH A REGULAR ADMISSION TICKET - NO RE ENTRY With Extra Sneakers (RE ENTRY WILL BE ) About:      September 17th 2017 - 150+ vendors, 2,500 attendees Sneaker Freaks was started by a group of sneaker collectors and connoisseurs from around Columbus, Ohio. As a collective, the group has traveled around the nation to various sneaker summits and events for their love of the culture. The collective seeks provide a platform for fellow sneaker enthusiast to buy, sell and trade items, provide education about incidents of sneaker violence and to become a premier event for the Midwest region. With the 2013 launch of Sneaker Freaks Columbus, more than 1,100 National collectors graced The Sheraton Columbus at Capitol Square for one of the most anticipated Sneaker Expo debuts in Ohio. Sneaker Freaks Columbus - A premier sneaker summit, where attendees can buy, sell and trade sneakers, furthermore dedicated their position in the community to help bring awareness to youth violence. Sneaker Freaks Columbus’ 2014 summit was held on September 14, 2014 at The Ohio Expo Center- Rhodes Center located at 717 E. 17th Ave. Columbus, OH 43211, which included over 100 vendor tables and 1,500 attendees.Sneaker Freaks Columbus is the first and original annual sneaker platform in the Capital City. Relying solely on a cultures ever-growing signifier; the 2013 event created a noteworthy response from national bloggers, serious collectors and an array of media outlets. In accordance to demand, 2014's September event expanded to a prime location which allowed over 100 different vendors tables. Sneaker Freaks Columbus is a collaborative effort presented by Jwork Limited and Fresh Sole, in conjunction with DJ D-Boogie. As entrepreneurs and leaders in Columbus, creators of Sneaker Freaks Columbus play a particularly vital role in the community. As violence over shoes persists among America’s youth, Organizers of this event have once again partnered with Community for New Direction (CND) to provide awareness about this critical issue. CND is a local organization dedicated to empowering families and communities in central Ohio to be safe and violence-free.In honor of co-collaborator Jermaine Jenkins, owner of Jwork Limited, Purple heart recipient and US Army Veteran, Sneaker Freaks Columbus is a proud supporter of Wounded Warrior Project. The 2014 fund raising goal was hit and donated accordingly. 

at The Ohio Expo Center & State Fair
717 East Seventeenth Avenue
Columbus, United States



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