So how do you transform a bathroom?

How to reshape your bathroom

Bathroom renovations not only add beauty and fun to any type of home, but also add value to your home when you want to sell your home in the future. Bathroom renovation may be the most popular home improvement project because it delivers the highest return on investment. In addition, homeowners can enjoy their relaxing bathroom before they remodel until they decide to sell the house.

Bathroom renovation design skills

The task of remodeling a bathroom is difficult and expensive. There are several key fixtures to consider when working in the bathroom. Yes, most are expensive. There are floors to consider, as well as paint, the result of any mistakes is that you end up with a place where you spend a lot of time instead of enjoying the room. So good planning is crucial.

Of course, in order to be successful, you need to design your transformation project before swinging a hammer. If you take the time to develop a well-designed bathroom renovation design, there must be a great bathroom.

Map out

When designing for a bathroom renovation project, be sure to measure the bathroom accurately and create a map to use. Mark the location of the pipe, mark the location of the fixture, and you will be better able to plan what you need to do. The key to a great bathroom remodeling design is good planning, and maps are a great way to focus on everything you need. Draw it and plan it on paper. It's a good idea to cut out your main work and try it on your map to see how they fit and what they might look like.

There are also some software that can help you plan your bathroom renovation. The simple package allows you to perform the same mapping exercises as above, more complex and expensive, and even build a virtual bathroom & you can see the results of the plan.

Function before the form

The secret of a comfortable bathroom is to put the function of the bathroom above its appearance. No matter how gorgeous your bathroom looks, if your design is poor and your bathroom is uncomfortable, you won't be able to enjoy it. Renovate the design process through your bathroom, consider what you want your bathroom to do, and work toward this goal.

Consider your fixture

Make sure you know exactly where your luminaires will go when designing a retrofit project; you need pipes there to accommodate them. Your sink, bathtub and toilet will be exactly where you have it, unless you can move the pipe in some way. In most cases, the location of your fixture will be a hard limit, so plan accordingly.

Find things wisely

When you decide which smaller fixtures, such as towel racks and even toilet paper rolls, enter the bathroom retrofit design, remember that they should enter a reasonable place and return to functional status again. The towel rail may look beautiful on the door, but if it leaves the bath arm, you won't be happy when you walk out of the shower. With all the design of the bathroom renovation, if your design focuses on common sense and space, you will succeed in creating a stylish and functional room.

Focus on your walls, ceilings and tiles, as these three projects can greatly affect the output of your project. Mix and match colors with soft, earthy, modern or traditional colors that suit your taste. Please note that any items, equipment and furniture that you wish to add to the bathroom should add warmth and relaxation to the room.

You can create the bathroom you've always dreamed of by expanding the area and separating the bathroom from the bathroom area. You can even add spa treatments, baths, water sprays and other more expensive bathroom add-ons. If you don't know where to start and what to add, feel free to check out the home improvement magazine and check out the latest bathroom trends.

Know your budget

The number of your bathroom renovation projects will depend on your budget. If your renovation project has a lot of money, you can design your bathroom from the ground up. However, even with a small budget, you can still transform your bathroom. Simply replace the fixtures, accessories and bathroom furniture.

Design, accessories and furniture

When you decide to start a bathroom renovation project, organize your goals as quickly as possible before purchasing materials. Determine which items to replace, add or remove the bath area. Consider rehabilitating existing items such as bathtubs, showers, sinks and toilets, or refreshing tiles, baths and showers, even with a small investment to make your bathroom look new.

Bathroom renovation checklist keeps the project in progress

Whether it's time or cost, the decoration of any part of your home can easily get out of hand, but with the bathroom retrofit checklist, you can keep your budget under control and keep it working. As part of the planning process, the bathroom retrofit checklist can also help you determine the level of upgrade you can afford.

Some of the main items in your list may include any electrical work you might need, pipe changes or additions, heating and cooling, and any walls that need to be moved or repaired. As a top priority listed on your bathroom renovation list, you can also determine the contractor's schedule. For example, if you are replacing an existing bathtub and wall tiles, you need to work on the pipe, but you need to install a carpenter to install a modern drywall.

In addition to the main work, your bathroom renovation list also lists any components such as cabinets, fixtures and countertops. You should also list the types of countertops you plan to install as well as floors, sinks, lockers and any freestanding furniture.

A column showing the budget amount for each project on your bathroom renovation list will help you control the cost of the project. When you purchase items from the list and you decide to cost more than one item, you can choose a cheaper model on another part to keep your budget. By looking at the costs before going to the store, you can get a good idea of ​​how much you might spend.

Once you have determined the exact cost of the project using the bathroom renovation checklist, you should budget an additional 10% of the total cost for the emergency. For example, when you cut a wall to get a new fixture, you accidentally cut the water pipe and your current drywall will be destroyed. The contingency budget can cover the replacement of cutting pipes and damaged drywall.

You can also plan the time that each item on the bathroom renovation checklist should be completed to keep the project going. In the planning phase, you will know how much each item should cost, how long it should take, and which part of your bathroom it will not touch during the project.

If you don't have the money to hire an architect or contractor to make a bathroom renovation, you can do it yourself by focusing on the simple things that can make a huge difference to the bathroom. For example, add a makeup mirror or shelf and display small items such as perfume bottles, soap, bath salts, spa accessories and other items you want to show.

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