Social media and email marketing – creating value for small business owners

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Although small business owners now have a lot of marketing options, focusing on email marketing is one way. AWEBER Communications recently released a survey that shows that commercial marketing via email plays a fundamental role in providing value to entrepreneurs.

Depends on email marketing

  About 82% of respondents said they are consolidating their plans to maintain email marketing and upcoming plans for the rest of the year. This is also based on the fact that 61.46% of these small business owners believe that the return on investment or return on investment of this marketing is easier to solve than the return on investment of social media. Only 5.28% of people do not think so.

Incorporate social media into equations

  Still, while using social media as part of a marketing campaign is still very beneficial. According to Aweber, as social media rises on the Internet, the reaction of marketers using it will increase too much. In fact, according to the results of the study, 54% of small business owners involved will use Facebook as an email list generation tool.

While about 70% of these entrepreneurs are using some form or other social media, 77% still make it clear that email instilling this is a top priority. This number of marketers believes that the priority of this initiative is from “moderate to very important”. Because it encourages customer loyalty, many believe that about 20% of them are the combined power of social media and email marketing. Thirty-six percent of entrepreneurs participating in Aweber research use Twitter to send email newsletters, while 35% of entrepreneurs send blog posts via email.

What can social media and email marketing bring?

  Aweber founder and CEO Tom Kulzer said that according to the results of the study, marketing did not lose the value of providing value to small business owners, no matter what kind of business they were engaged in. He also said that these entrepreneurs did not devalue the positive impact of using social media and marketing through email. Kulzer said that while still learning how to do this, it will bring small business owners closer to a larger audience. With the use of sales tracking and behavioral targeting, nearly 66% of respondents mentioned that the combination of social media and email marketing will not properly fund your small business.

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