Social Networking Mistakes to Avoid in India

Everyone makes mistakes when it comes to social media. It goes without saying that ‘look before you leap’ but some troubles do come along the way. Troubles are multiplied even more when the Indian consumer and Indian market comes into play. In order to stay ahead of the latest social media trends, people tend to goof up and that affects their business.

Following are the most common mistakes made on social networking sites in India by business owners, big brands, and small startups.

1. Letting things Run on Auto-Pilot –

The first point draws its analogy from an airplane’s concept of ‘auto-pilot’. It’s equivalent in this context are the auto posts of content done by users on cross platforms. The idea of using one social media platform to publish the same content on multiple sites is no longer cool and comes off as lazy.

2. Working without Measuring Metrics –

Successful business does not rely on emotions and intuitions, but rather on statistics and analytics. A very common mistake made by the Indian marketers is that they jump on to decision making strategies without first considering the metrics to evaluate success. Metrics can be deployed for various things on your website such as:

* Key Metrics for Features
* Product Interaction and Engagement Metrics
* Product Build Metrics
* Marketing Metrics

The correct metrics give information about product’s health, diagnose any problems, and
follow its progress over time.

3. Dismissing localized content sites –

Over the last few years, India has had a steady growth in home-grown social sites such as Sabakuch and Clorik. They even deal with regional Indian music along with Bollywood new songs. While launching a product in India, the success is not always guaranteed on a global social networking site. Your product’s presence and efficiency would be more on indigenous social sites. Therefore, do a market test first and avoid dismissing local sites.

4. Using Complex Media –

Indian audience is very different from the west. If you have not got that from Hollywood vs Bollywood comparisons already, then you might be headed for an early upset in your venture. Do not use tacky videos or set up dubious avatars. The Indian buyer is quite cautious about the quality and credibility of the company.
Secondly, many marketers leave all the talking to their photos and videos. They fail to realize that social networking is a two-way street. They fail to involve the users in conversations and do not follow what they have to say.

5. Desperation for Attention –

Very often, the Indian brands over do their bit and look like attention seekers. The result is that readers get annoyed by this. PepsiCo CEO IndraNooyi once correctly pointed out that some brands take their expectations so high that the end result turns into ”engagement keliyekuchbhikarega” (brands become desperate for people to pay attention to them) Never tweet for just the sake of tweeting. Too many tweets look like a ”hard-sell” and users turn away from your social media pages.

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