Social Networking Websites As A Tool To Market Your Business

The latest internet marketing trend has been for people to use sites like MySpace to market their business opportunity or product, but many people have not been happy with the results of these so called untapped regions of the internet for new prospects in the social networking communities.

Many internet marketers who have used these ways to promote their websites have come forward and claimed that they have not received any real targeted traffic from these social networking sites, or made any sales. They have concluded that the social networking websites like MySpace are a waste of time and don’t really produce any good results. Being a member of some of these popular social networking sites, I believe that the internet marketers do not really fully understand the power behind this marketing tool.

Where many marketers have gone wrong is joining these websites just for the purpose of selling their product or promoting their business opportunity. If you decide to go this route your marketing approach should be way less aggressive. Your main goals should be to build one-way backlinks from a high page rank authority website, and brand yourself so that prospects can find you.

You have to start off by building your presence online. If you are new to internet marketing, you have to build a presence in your target market and a very big one at that if you want to have any chance at being found online. Many people are stuck with the belief that they can build one website after another and it will be found with little or no marketing plan. This just is not the case and failure is one hundred percent with this attitude. Because the website traffic on social networking websites is so high, you have a much higher chance of building a web presence then your competitor who is not utilizing these methods.

The next important reason to get involved on these social networking websites is building quality one-way backlinks to your website. The search engines love these authority sites and are always spidering them. If you want to get your new web pages spidered quickly then build a profile on one of these social networking communities and the search engines will come and your prospects can find you. I am always posting free classifieds on sites like Craigslist. Even though the conversion rate is so poor from the free classified sites, a one way link from Craigslist can bring lots of organic search traffic. You have to remember not to try and blatantly sell something to someone. Try and build a profile that talks about yourself and your business, and include links to all of your websites or blogs. You can also try and SEO your profile by repeating keywords in your profile, the search engines will pick this stuff up and send you traffic if you pick the right niche keywords.

Finally, you need to brand yourself in your niche. By becoming an expert on a certain subject, people will start to trust you and associate you with a product or topic. When you write articles and post them to the social networking sites, you let other people become informed of your products and opportunities. By contributing to the social networking sites you are building lots of value for yourself and trust in other people. Basically, the key is to not blatantly sell to someone and use a more softer approach. Build your credibility and your traffic and sales will increase over time.

I hope that you have become more well informed on social networking as a tool to market your business. With a little patience and persistence you too can utilize this new marketing tool to build your website traffic and sales.

Daniel Cassidy is a online networker who spends time on sites like DirectMatches, a “MySpace” like website for business. Daniel is also the webmaster of Money Making Ideas, helping people find profitable home business opportunities online.

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