Social Slam: Instagram Workshop – Craft & Design

Social Slam: Instagram Workshop - Craft & Design
Calling all Crafters, Makers, Knitters & Painters!

Up your Insta-game at Social Slam - the half day, Social Media workshop - designed specifically for the craft industry - be you an independent designer, Etsy shop seller, knitter, crafter or maker.

Created by Emma Jane Clark, founder of boutique Social Media Marketing agency, Gertrude & Ivy, this Social Slam will be hosted in collaboration with award-winning craft bloggers, Rosie & Hannah of The New Craft House and fashion blogger, Jazmine of Jazzabelle's Diary.

You will learn: Advanced Instagram, Influencer and Content Marketing, PLUS how to flatlay like a boss, at the Photography Masterclass, AND 1-2-1 Social Media speed dating, followed by lunch! You will leave this workshop feeling inspired and knowing how to harness Instagram for your creative business.

at WUSI Creative Space
4 Broadway Market Mews
Hackney, United Kingdom



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