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Eligible traffic is the lifeblood of any website today, especially for e-commerce sites that sell goods or services online. However, many media buyers and/or website owners rely on top-level PPC ["pay-per-click"] search engines [such as Overture or Google's ad selection program, etc.] to pay too much for traffic.

A new web traffic broker has emerged in the interactive marketing space that provides qualified traffic to the highest bidders via CPC ["cost-per-click"]. Traffic brokers bypass the tried and tested real business process by turning the business proposition by 180 degrees. They can't find customers and then optimize their sites for search engines; they resell this traffic by redeveloping their own domains for top search engines and then retargeting them by redirecting them to their real-time destinations. Make it happen.

So, is this process illegal or immoral? Hard to say. I don't think these processes are more dishonest than what happens with the "sponsored list" hidden by top search engines [including Yahoo, MSN, LookSmart, Overture, etc.]. The latter now begins to occupy the majority of the first share search results page – these results are viewed tens of millions of times a day, many people do not know the result is a "sponsor list."

To make digital waters more confusing, marketing services companies are beginning to offer "trusted feeds" to companies that want to purchase qualified traffic at CPC ["cost-per-click"]. This process has just begun to take its place in the market, and the marketing service company contacts potential customers and provides a "trusted feed" search engine list on top-level sites such as MSN or LookSmart. basis. They [the marketing service company] then build a website page for their customers based on their in-depth knowledge of the content required by the search engine, then submit those pages to the editor of the search engine/directory, and then they review the website, giving the "customer" top level List the website and then share the trust revenue of CPC with the marketing service company.

When you start to study the source and the way of traffic, it becomes very blurry. As long as the website that is the ultimate recipient of the traffic provides the same goods and services as the referenced website, I think the agent traffic is not a bad thing or immoral. Also, there are self-regulatory components in these types of processes – traffic agents need to repeat business, so it's in their own interest to ensure that redirected traffic is sent to similar sites.

In addition, the “conversion rate” [number of people taking specific actions and traffic volume] is quickly becoming the ultimate determinant of maintaining a relationship between the transportation brokerage company and the receiving website. If traffic is transferred, then the recipient usually wants to buy more, and if not, they will move to another source – this strengthens the self-regulatory aspect of the relationship.

So, what would you look for if you want to start buying traffic from a website traffic broker? Price is definitely an important factor in determining what your interests should be; most of the people in our transportation brokerage business typically provide keyword traffic that is about one-third or one-half that you pay through a trusted feed setup, or Through the Overture or Ad Words Select program offered by Google. It is expected to pay more for filtering ["car, insurance, telecommunications"] and unfiltered ["shop type traffic"] because the former must be carefully filtered for specific keywords or keyword sets so that they can be assigned More sites.

Next, make sure you get 24/7 reporting so you can analyze traffic in real time – this report should show raw keyword traffic [keywords are always embedded in the search string]. Take a closer look at your report; proxy traffic [or cached pages] should be filtered out so that it doesn't exceed 5-10% of total traffic – even if AOL uses a proxy, you can't get rid of the proxy traffic server of the day. Finally, take a closer look at your report. The timeline should have some randomness in the sequence; if the traffic traffic you see in the traffic report is very close in terms of the timeline, the warning ringtone should disappear.

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