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This morning, I heard about the upcoming events in our town on the local radio station. It starts with bright energy and lists a lot of things to do. However, after the second or third item, I lost track; as more things were mentioned, I lost focus; when the female voice reached the end, I never caught the time, where or how Get tickets.

Every business owner or professional speaker should notice that the speed or speed of your speech is really important. First, pay attention to the amount of content that must be conveyed; second, be clear about the facts that are important to the audience; and finally, adjust your voice to attract the audience. These three key elements are affected by your speaking rate.

  1. Content priority

Writers often try to include every possible detail in their script. This is because the authors of the marketing materials are not copy authors, they are either their business owners, marketing professionals who have no experience writing for different media, or people who think they have good voices and can also write copies.

For example, in the broadcast statement I heard, the copy was too long. It could have been shortened or divided into three short announcements. Since this is a broadcast ad, the average listener can only remember two or three main reference points.

The biggest mistake you can make is to say your copy as quickly as possible while trying to complete all the information in a limited amount of time. Your audience has no printed copies in front of them, hearing it, connecting to the brain, and getting it takes longer. Slow down is like you are talking to someone else.

  1. The facts are important

For example, in broadcasting, professional broadcasters know that the last line of contact is the most important fact for the audience to respond. For example, they may want to write down a phone number or date. If this situation is rushed or fades away, it will not help people appear or enter your store to buy.

Adjust the speed of your important facts or events so that the audience can pay attention. If you speak in a video, webinar or podcast, and all the items in the list will pass in a hurry; then you create a monotonous, unobtrusive and unforgettable or interesting thing.

  1. Your voice is your business

Your voice is an iconic character that affects the audience. The rhythm of your speech may indicate age, energy levels, intelligence and emotional impact. For example, I immediately knew that the person I was listening to in the morning was a young man. I really appreciate anyone who can quickly speak energy to inspire or expect. However, as a voice coach, I encourage my clients not to overwhelm this news. Putting it too fast will put the words together, as if you are clumsy, nothing is obvious.

If you take the time to emphasize keywords, you will get better results: louder, softer, unique nuances or pauses. This will automatically slow down your speed, so this is a great way to rehearse your scripts. Racing through your speech does not allow for a variety of moods. It became thinner for creating an event and was not heard. This is often the case for women who sound too quiet or have too high a pitch. When you speak too fast, your tone will disappear.

The next time you record on a microphone or live, please take the time to get your message to motivate your audience through the speed of your presentation. If so, your tone and all other aspects of your participation will be communicated to your audience.

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