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When individuals judge their voices, they usually comment on the quality of their tones. The concept of how to define pitch is easily misunderstood. At the technical and scientific level, vocal tones are described as how the vocal cords vibrate together to produce sound. For non-technical people, the tone is usually seen as the way the sound is sounded. For example, the pitch is too high, low, swaying or sounds thin or weak. Learning to speak within the ideal pitch range is important for presenting strong, rich tones that are aesthetically pleasing to the listener. Describe your current tone style to enhance your awareness.

The speech therapist describes two different types of pitch, habit and best pitch. Habitual tones are your regular and consistent tone. This is the pitch you use automatically, but it may not necessarily be your best vocal quality. The best pitch produces a rich, pure tone, and the muscles of the sound mechanism perform optimally to produce the ideal sound quality with natural projection. Speaking in your best pitch range will be the first choice for professional voice and voice, as this is where the most vibrant and resonant tones are produced.

If there is a significant difference between your habit and the best pitch, it's probably because you find it easier and more comfortable to use your custom pitch range. This is the pitch that most people use automatically. Many high, thin or nasal speakers are spoken from their habitual pitch range. Learning to speak through the best pitch is a simple adjustment that will significantly improve your voice and professional image.

Find the best pitch range

Uh-Huh Trick

The word "Uh-Huh" is produced naturally and comfortably. When you say it, move down in your tone. Say 3 times. When you say the word "Uh-Huh", you are producing the best and ideal pitch range. "Uh" is the upper limit of the optimal pitch, and "Huh" is the lower limit of the range. Please note that this is a pitch range and it should fluctuate.

The key is to speak consistently and comfortably within the optimal pitch range. The loudest sound with good sound quality will come from the "Uh-Huh" range. When the individual is below their optimal pitch limit, you can hear bass or nervous sounds. When individuals speak beyond their optimal pitch limit, the result is higher sound, thinner sound, stronger sound, and more resonance in the nose, which may be unpleasant for the listener. From your best pitch, you can create rich sound through natural projection, allowing you to control your voice, persuade, guide and radiate confidence.

Using the piano

Another way to find the best pitch is to use the piano. The open and relaxed throat produces a sound, "ah." Play each note down the scale until you reach the lowest note that can be easily made. Start with that note and move up 3-4 notes. The range of 3-4 notes is your best pitch range. You will recognize the best pitch because your sound quality will become strong, resonate and very comfortable during production.

Initial pitching practice

Now that you are familiar with the best pitch range, try a new sound. Say "Hmm" with deliberate intensity and volume. This buzz produces your natural and optimal tone, just like the "Hmm" pitch mode. Producing this sound creates a vibrating squeak around your nose and lips. Touch your lips and nose with your fingers and feel the snoring. Produce this beep several times to familiarize yourself with the tone. When you speak with the best pitch range, there will always be subtle buzz.

Note: Making "ummm-hmmm" has the same effect as finding the ideal sound with the "Hmm" technique. This is another quick and subtle trick to find the best pitch range before you start speaking.

Pitch practice with a single word

Start practicing and make a single word in the best pitch range.

o When the diaphragm is fully breathing, loudly calculate:

Um, um, um, um, um, oh, um, until 10

This will help you to speak a single word within the ideal pitch range.

o Produce the following words in your pitch range. Place your fingers around your lips and nose.

If you are in the best pitch range, you should detect a subtle hum.

Hello, no monopoly experiment


Turn right to the Minnesota refrigerator


Beautiful and happy apartment special

oSelect a word and insert it into the “Uh-Huh Counting Mode”

Right one, right two, right three….. until 10

Beautiful one, beautiful two, beautiful three…..until 10

Sentence level pitch practice

o Practice connecting voice. Remember the diaphragm to breathe!

Select a word from above and say it in the sentence you created.

For example, “I am very happy to speak in my ideal voice.” Creating your own sentences will help you keep your exercises more spontaneous and simulate natural conversations.

Self-speaking practice

o Use the ideal sound and proper diaphragm breathing to generate a short story using 2-3 sentences:

– New York City taxi drivers and anxious tourists

– Sea lions and divers

– Chinatown and a lively lobster

– Lottery tickets and a cold winter day

– A crooked chef and smart FBI agent

Note: Please note how the diaphragm breathing and speaking in the optimal pitch range produces natural projections and richer sounds.

Don't be scared! These new sound habits will make you feel that your voice is too loud? do not worry. Your volume is right. You are receiving some internal feedback, including how your sound waves resonate in your throat and mouth. This may give you the feeling that you are actually speaking too loud when speaking in a rich, full-tone, natural projection. This is your new voice and it may take some time to get used to it. If you continue to worry, do you think your friend thinks that what you said is too big. They are likely to report that you sound great.

Wearing Rehersal

Real world practice

The suggested activities are listed below, and you can practice speaking in the new ideal and best pitch range. When speaking at the sentence level, remember to speak while the diaphragm is breathing, keep a relaxed throat and speak in perfect tone.

1. Produce the ideal sound with proper breathing in all morning greetings to colleagues or anyone who wants to greet.

2. Use the proper breathing to produce the desired sound during a call. Put a note next to your phone to alert you. This is a great opportunity to speak at the conversation level while incorporating your new voice skills.

3. Order coffee or any food with the ideal sound. Lunch is a good time

4. Speak with a new voice in each meal shared with someone.

5. Establish a connection where you can connect your practice opportunities with simple daily activities, such as speaking at a meeting, greeting a colleague or customer, and talking to a dry cleaner or convenience store employee. Organize a regular event or person in your mind that you can use to remind yourself to practice.


Identify 3 opportunities, and you can connect the practice opportunities in a regular routine.

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