Spring Smallmouth Bass location and Jerk Ba ​​it demo

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As the snow melts and the temperature of the lakes and rivers begins to rise, it is time to prepare the pre-produced smallmouth bass. A hard or connected bastard bait designed to float in the water is a good choice at this time of the year, especially in the windy days when the small winds seem to be the most aggressive. Instead, it sees slow-moving weightless plastics appear to perform best on calm sunny days.

Solution and equipment: I usually use a 3 wire to load a bait bait for fishing.

  1. 7' Medium speed fast moving rod, 5:1 or larger reel, Abu Garcia made several large reels for bastard bait fishing. Align it with a 15lb braid and a fluorocarbon leader, and you'll be ready for your large hard bait and larger rotating bait.
  2. I like this facility that was installed on a sunny morning. 6 3" medium-sized Quantum MXP rod, 4:1 rotating reel, 10 lb braided 18-inch 8 lb fluorocarbon tube., 1 / 64-1 / 32 oz accent offset #3 hook [optional].
  3. 7' Daiwa medium-sized rotating rod with 4:1 or larger rotating reel with 6 lb fluorocarbon production line. This is a stick, and I have used this gravityless sucker and the smaller hardware bait in the past. I found that because of the sinking of the fluorocarbon line, it has a tendency to make the hard and soft plastic baits slightly deeper, and the 6lb line lighter bait has a better feel than the 10 pound pitcher. If I only take one, I will take this because I believe it is the most versatile, but other settings are specific tasks:


  1. Hardware bait – Husky Jerk #10, Floating Raps #7, Berkley Cutter 90 are some good choices. Clear water and a large number of fishing areas, white, pearl, squid and the natural color of Chartres are the winners in the spring sewage.
  2. Soft body bait – Zoom super lucky 5", these are just a lot of exercise, it seems to catch any other soft plastic bastard bait I use. Texas is equipped with no weeds, these baits are explosives in the spring.


For small mouths, spring is a very good time, because there is no other time of the year, their patterns are easier to predict, and many large women "stack" in the same place. Focusing on deepwater areas and 10-foot-deep inland spawning areas, the gravel bottom and ground structure are a good starting point. Large females filled with eggs will be actively fed and can place several trophies around the same small dent or the same residual limb. The small mouth will spend most of the winter in 30-40 feet of water and then enter the lower plane immediately after the ice comes out, until the spawning usually begins when the water temperature reaches the middle or the upper 50. Any large apartment 8-15 feet tall next to the 30 to 40 storey shelf is a good starting point. Looking for a gravel bottom, usually a beautiful rock pile or stump can hold 10 large women at this time of the year.

If they don't actively feed, the small mouth often needs to watch the bait several times before they decide to strike, so if you see a good-looking place you need 3-4 actors before moving. When they are feeding, you will grab one and make sure you go back to the same place, because at this time of the year, the big women are rarely alone. This is probably the most interesting and fastest fishing activity of the year. When they were feeding, the possibility of landing five pounds and four pounds of fish in 10 casts was not out of scope.

When it is gloomy and windy, it seems to stir the mouth and bite the best food. Whenever I use a bastard bait in the wind, I always use a bigger and heavier hardware bait. I also handle the bait faster than using soft plastic. Rapala Husky Jerk 10 is the favorite bait in this case, white, hourglass and pearl white are hot colors. I always look in the bait shop or online for hot colors on specific water bodies.

Soft plastic is an art form that I will build on a calm, sunny day. I work on the bait at about 3-5 feet deep, pulling the mix for a long time, and briefly twitching. A key tip is to keep your lines slack, especially when using braided wire settings, which will make the bait more unstable and the more realistic look of the darts. This line is also used as your hit indicator when you see the slack tightening setting hook. I remember once a friend and I used the same color and the same bait on the same boat. The only difference is that he has added a small weight and is working at the speed of his average cast of 3 actors per cast. At the end of 75 minutes it was 14 fish, he had 1 fish, and I averaged only 16 inches per fish, four pounds, nineteen inches plus small. Slow, sometimes the speed between actions is only 4-6 seconds. This method is particularly lethal on a sunny, calm morning, and the small mouth is not as exciting as the wind, but they always eat, which is usually the first temptation I started, and the last one I ended up with.

For those who are fishing, the small-mouthed carp fishing in the spring belongs to oneself. Using bastards and twitching baits is one of the most interesting ways to capture them. Tight line!

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