Spring Workshop: Beginners Coding Workshop (12-17)

Spring Workshop: Beginners Coding Workshop (12-17)
Geared for 12-17 year olds that have great imaginations, like figuring out how things work or just love technology. This one day, 3 hour workshop will introduce them to basic programing concepts-- no prior experience needed. They’ll learn website development by building a web page about a topic that interests them. We’ll start with an overview of HTML and CSS and then move to an introduction to Bootstrap. We’ll then build the webpage in CodePen to be shared with the world! If possible, attendees should bring a laptop but we will have some extras on hand as well. There are just 10 spots for this workshop so get your tickets soon! Led by: Chance SmithChance Smith is a web developer and project manager. In other words, he enjoys solving problems and impressing customers. Most of the websites and apps he builds are for startups in San Francisco and DC area. He has also worked on some fascinating projects with Chick-fil-a, Vanderbilt Hospital and POPVOX

at theCO
541 Wiley Parker Rd.
Jackson, United States



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