Spyware Blockers – What Are They?

What are Spyware Blockers? Or more to the point what is Spyware?

Spyware software is any program that runs secretly on your pc without your knowing about it. Sooner or later it will make your life hell and slow your computer down.

These evil spyware programs record all your information anything from logins and passwords to bank details and credit card numbers.

These programs running in the background of your computer, known as key logger, spyware, backdoor and other malicious software are collectively known as "malware" .

Spyware is normally identified by constant pop-ups and ads appearing. You might also find some icons you don't recognise and even a toolbar that you have no idea about.

To stop these programs from wrecking your life and computer you need Spyware Blockers.

The problem with most spyware blockers is that they are really only spyware removers. They don't stop spyware getting put on your computer in the first place.

This means more work for you as you'll need to on a regular basis schedule a run of the spyware blocker to remove any new spyware on your computer.

However, with some Spyware Blockers you actually get a spyware blocker! Once it removes the spyware in your computer it will stand front line and never let it back in with it's built in real time guard. The other problem with most other spyware blockers is that they don't have Rootkit Stoppers.

Rootkits are created by the spyware guys to impede your spyware blocker from doing its job.

Rootkit detection software is the only thing that is immune to a rootkit, and you need to make sure your spyware blocker, antivirus program, or firewall software has rootkit detection.

So to summarise, you need a Spyware Blocker that has built in Real Time Guard and Rootkit Prevention.

So, get back your pc and install a spyware blocker. You will free your pc of those annoying pop-ups and ads and also protect yourself from having your details stolen. There are literally thousands of Spyware Blockers out there. For independent reviews visit my website below.

Spyware Blockers is a website and blog that reviews all the current Spyware Blockers and Spyware Removers available on the market.


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