SQL 1-Day Queries with PCWorkshops

SQL 1-Day Queries with PCWorkshops
Course summary

Get interesting, insightful and essential business intelligence from data by using SQL queries. It is made easy and simple by this hands-on, practical course. Ask you questions in small, friendly class-room training. Save hours of online training.

This course is Platform Independent.

Course Outline
*Relational Database Concepts
—What is a Relational Database?
—Tables, Rows and Columns
—Indexes, Primary Keys and Foreign Keys
—Data Types
—The Data Dictionary
—Getting Started
*SQL Language Essentials
—The Select Statement
—The Select and From Clauses
—Conditions and the Where Clause
—The Order By Clause
—Arithmetic Operations
—Column Aliases
*Summarizing and Grouping Data
—Aggregate Functions
—The Group By Clause
—The Having Clause
*Querying Multiple Tables
—Joining Tables
—Inner Joins
—Column Qualification and Table Aliases
—Outer Joins
—Self Joins
—Alternative Join Syntax
*Additional SQL Features
—Combining Queries
—The Union, Intersect and Minus Operators
—Basic Subqueries

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8 Northumberland Avenue
Charing Cross, United Kingdom

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