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    • avatar smret abraha 1

      thank u, so clear

      • avatar scoobe tweety 1

        Thank you so much for this video.

        • avatar Wang Zihao 1

          can't believe it has 480p only

          • avatar Jetsada Ponkaew 1

            I like you video because your intonation is so clear.

            • avatar hoho hotstuff 2

              can you do a video on visual 2015 batabase for python t-sql

              • avatar neol07707 2

                Bruh mayne the transition from 11:30 where the trainer's voice was large and in charge to 11:33 ish where it dipped down was Heelarious lolololol

                • avatar neol07707 2

                  "Microsoft has better lawyers than you do" lmfao

                  • avatar Emmanuel Kolawole 2

                    Where are the SQL code used in the video? You said it is in the description but it is not.

                    • avatar Kamal Anand 1

                      Thank you! This is one of the best tuttorials I found on youtube. Felt it was too lengthy in the beginning but the content had everything i needed to know. The narration is simple and easy to understand, :)

                      • avatar Micromaise 0

                        Thank you very much. This is a very informative tutorial and easy to follow.

                        • avatar Dennis Meurders 2

                          CREATE XML SCHEMA COLLECTION TestSchema1
                          '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
                          <xs:schema xmnls:xs="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">
                          <xs:element name="Person">
                          <xs:element name="FirstName" minOccurs="1" type="xs:string"/>
                          <xs:element name="LastName" minOccurs="1" type="xs:string"/>
                          <xs:element name="MiddleName" minOccurs="0" type="xs:string"/>

                          Msg 9459, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
                          XML parsing: line 2, character 56, undeclared prefix

                          Please explain :-)

                          • avatar Vishal Sharma 1

                            i am trying to save table but table is not saved….
                            when i'm trying to save table,a dialogue box(dialoque box is not same as of your dialoque box,that dialoque box asking for saving query with extension .sql) appear for save table when i saved table ,then nothing happens…table is not saved……please help me