Stack Your Coins Group Coaching Monthly Membership

Stack Your Coins Group Coaching Monthly Membership
This is for YOU if: You are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck You are drowning in debt You are looking for ways to earn more money, create additional streams of income  You want to master your personal finance. Save more, invest more, earn more and experience financial freedom You want to start your own side hustle or need help developing & growing your existing one You only have one job, one paycheck You want to be part of an amazing community of liked minded individuals whose goal is to solely stack coins, grow personally & professionally You have skills and need help monetizing your ideas and bringing it to fruition You want to be more productive, have a clear goal and be strategic. Thus accomplishing more with less  Your sole objective is focused on YOU stacking your COINS and getting the help you need to LEVEL UP   If this is you then get ongoing and extra support to stack your COINS. Join our Members club for coaching, training, advice, resources, accountability and strategies to start your own business / side hustle from scratch or to grow your existing business to enjoy multiple streams of income. Learn how to maximize your income, monetize your skills, create a brand, Product  or service, Promote it to a super targeted audience that can’t wait to pay YOU and start generating a Profit. Learn how you can increase your earning potential and as a result don’t need to rely solely on your 9-5 ONE source of income. I will teach you how to take an idea from your head to stacking your COINS.    This membership is ONLY for those who are serious and committed to do whatever it takes to stack their COINS. The pricing is contractual and EVERYONE who signs up is contractually obligated to completion. In other words, THIS membership is NOT for quitters or losers. If you are serious and ready to do the work then, lock in these low price NOW as prices will go up in 2017. I only work with small groups as my coaching program is customized for your specific needs and space is limited.   Here is what you’ll receive: Bi-weekly or monthly live interactive video training with actionable quantifiable tasks with recordings for playback How to create multiple products or services using your skills and talents How to set up & optimize your online stores so you can catch everyday coins How to find your avatar and attract your ideal customers who can’t wait to pay you How to promote and sell your products and services leveraging technology and social media How to outsource help and or automate tasks leveraging technology How to set up your lead generation, sales funnel so you can make money while you sleep Access to my private online mastermind Facebook group for additional daily resources, support, answers to your questions you may have in between calls, encouragement & accountability. BONUS, I WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO PUT YOUR FINANCE ON AUTO PILOT SO YOU CAN CATCH EVERY DAY COINS, SAVE MORE AND STACK MORE   If you would like to speak with me prior to see which program is best for you, click here to schedule your completely FREE discovery call     1) VIP Membership includes: This membership level is exclusively extended for our private VIP 1:1 clients only.  All access granted with  1:1 ongoing private coaching.  Application consultation is required for entry into this program. Schedule your free call here to discuss private 1:1 coaching       2)  The Gold Membership includes: -This Gold membership level does require a minimum of 6 months commitment and is for beginners or newbies. No refunds. This is for YOU if you are totally starting from scratch and is a beginner. You have no existing business / side hustle, you don’t have a idea or maybe you do but have not executed it and as a result have done nothing and need help.   -1.5 hr office hours bi-weekly group coaching -Access to my vault of training videos, audios, pdf, templates & cheat sheets – Live virtual classroom with actionable task, exercises, and “how to”’ implement in your business and or personal life to stack your coins. -Access to our exclusive secret Facebook group to get ongoing support, responses to your direct questions and network with fellow members -New videos and trainings catered to your specific needs with guests experts -Special discounts on events, trainings, products and courses with access to recordings -Access to our monthly book club because readers are leaders and leaders stack COINS -Business spotlight feature if you are a business owner       3)  The Silver Membership includes: -This Silver membership level does require a minimum of 6 months commitment. No refunds. This is for YOU if you have an existing business / side hustle and need help monetizing, developing and growing it so that you can create multiple streams of income.    -Monthly group coaching 2 hour once per month, Q&A with support and accountability to help you stay on track so you can stack your coins -DIY and learn at your own pace. -Never miss any of our video trainings. -Get access to all our vlogs, FREE trainings, worksheets with action items. -Special discounts on events, products and courses with access to recordings -Access to our monthly book club because readers are leaders and leaders stack COINS -Live support in our private FB group for answers to your direct questions as well as invites to our online training classes to help you stack your coins!!!!    PROGRAM INTRODUCTORY PRICE IS FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY AND WILL INCREASE. ENROLL NOW & SEE YOU IN CLASS MONDAY SEPT 11!  To book & see pricing details click here

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