Standard and optional features for the sale of tractors

When you look at a dealer's sales, you'll hear a lot about the different features. It is a good idea to discuss the standard and optional features of any model you are considering with a professional so that you can make informed decisions that are appropriate for your specific application.

Standard and built-in features:

Tires: Most small tractors have an R1 agricultural tread pattern with a familiar raised slanted rod design. It provides good access to dirt, sand and mud. Some models have an R4 tread that has more space between the rods and the rods are not raised, which means it won't go deep into the soil like R1.

Engine: Diesel engines are much more powerful than typical gas engines. They are designed to generate a large amount of torque, which is a measure of rotational power rather than speed. If properly maintained, the engine design can last a long time.

Towbar: A towbar is a towbar that is attached to the tractor frame and is used to pull another piece of equipment behind it, such as a cart or truck.

Transmission: Just like a car has a transmission, so is a tractor. Although automatic gearboxes are available, most are manual.

Power Steering: While you may find a second-hand model for sale without a power steering system, most tractors sold today have the same smooth steering system as yours. Unless you plan to use the device in areas where there are no turns or distortions, you need to make sure your device has this feature.

Three-point suspension: This is a triangular hydraulic system that can be attached to accessories such as bush pigs or plows. The two side arms pull and lift the attachment, while the top [center] arm controls the angle. The hook lifts your attachment off the ground as needed.

other options

Four-wheel drive: The tractor is driven by a rear axle. If you choose a four-wheel drive model, you can engage the front axle when needed, for example in mud or on steep, rugged terrain. This option will cost more, but it is worthwhile for some settings.

Front End Loader: This is a huge bucket that connects to the front end of the unit. It can help move hay, manure, branches and more easily.

Hydrostatic Drive: With this option, you can change gears without manual adjustment. This is different from an automatic transmission, but because it does not have a clutch, it does make shifting between gears easier.

Other useful supplements that help add some work include:

Mowers: Available in a variety of widths, this accessory connects to the back of your device and allows you to clear weeds and mowing pastures.

Posthole digger: If you have a lot of fences around your property, this attachment will come in handy. It is also helpful if you want to do some building or planting big trees.

Snow blower: If you are in an area prone to heavy snow, this will make it easier for your front loader to clear the path.

Almost all farms or ranch have a variety of dealers available for sale. Remember how you plan to use the device and discuss with the professionals the models and features that are right for your application.

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