Start a new relationship – dating tips for women in their 40s

If you are a single woman in your 40s, you have recently started dating a man you think might be yours, congratulations!

You have successfully navigated him and added some on the first date. Maybe both of you have gone beyond the initial little talk and started to discuss the relationship. How to do?

First of all, since you are already in your 40s, remember that you are always in this world. There is no need to compete for exclusivity. Before you build a relationship with this great guy, ask yourself, "I am ready to take myself out of the dating pool?"

Before you get out of the "post-40s" dating scene, make sure you have done something to determine what you are doing.

How many mature men have you considered?

Have you seen at least 10 men in the past year or so? If you are close to the number, then no problem. 10 is just a guideline. This is not a strict requirement.

How many types of men are you over 40?

Also, in the 20s and 30s, do you allow yourself to consider men different from you? Now that you are in your 40s, some of your husband’s requests may still be the same as when you were young. However, their priorities may vary.

Let me give you an example. If you are now divorced and single mother, then you will not find potential father materials. I hope your children will have their father. What you are looking for now is a man who will become a good parent. Unless your child's father is not around, a good parent is usually more part-time than full-time. This is just to show that your current life is different from that in your 20s.

Does your man have time to share with you?

In addition, you are now in your 40s and you have a stable career. You may not be looking for someone with great vigilance because now you have your own financial security and status! What does this mean for your partner choice after 40? Of course, you want a person with stable economy. You also want a man with enough time and external interest to share with you and become a fun life partner, right?

Now that you have considered the relationship you want, if you say "yes" to most questions, then yes, in any case, agree to be exclusive! When the two of you start to build relationships, remember to share two interesting dating nights and activities of daily living, such as grocery shopping. Have fun and let me know what is going on.

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