1. Giovanni Machado Giovanni Machado

    This video got the most hilarious comments of the GaryV channel kkkkkk

  2. Brook Webster Brook Webster


  3. Nic Zito Nic Zito

    1.3 million

  4. Ethan Nguyen Ethan Nguyen

    What should we make the podcast topic about?

  5. Rhys Morgan Rhys Morgan

    Awesome – I found out about Spreaker yesterday. Zero hosting for the amount of content I'm going to be putting out. WOW 10 episodes written Launching June 2017 prayforaddicts podcast dot com etc Thank you, Gary, for all the content you produce and I even got you latest book free starting an Audible Subscription. Your are a true hero and gentleman

  6. Broderick Reyes Broderick Reyes

    I'm going to start to daily vlogging again, this time I'll be putting out more content related to my life and starting my Lawn Care business at 18 years old.

    Drop in every now and then and watch!

  7. Stephen Lehman Stephen Lehman

    For the camera guy: Make sure the shutter speed is set to 1/60 (or whatever double the frame rate you're shooting at). It should get rid of the interlacing on the indoor lighting. Not a big issue, but can clear up that distracting interlacing. Keep up the incredible work!

  8. Adrian Fagerland Adrian Fagerland

    Hey Gary!

    I am 13 and I love entrepreneurship and the idea of choosing what you do yourself. I would love to ask you a few questions. I feel like I am the only one interested in this, and I want to know what to do, because I really don't know what to do from here 😦
    Keep hustling!

  9. Livingroom Dancefloor Livingroom Dancefloor

    Through interviews, podcasts, guest mixes, and social media content we give talented artists a platform to show their stuff. So hit us up if you've got an interest, and check our last guest mix ft. Serbian DJ/Producer Tonbe on Livingroom Dancefloor Radio. https://soundcloud.com/livingroomdancefloor/lrdf-radio-episode-16


    Podcasts…OK. but what to talk about?

  11. Chris Goyzueta Chris Goyzueta

    You're one of the inspirations to me starting the podcast. Consume information and learn, and then apply and become a practitioner! Learning and putting in the work http://www.makingitwithchrisg.com/

  12. Michelle Ngome Michelle Ngome

    Now everyone is going to start a podcast b/c they're inspired by this video. I'm 2 years in and still feel behind. I've also seen a lot of folks pod fade. When I started in a community I was partnered with 2 other people. I launched my show in 90 days. The only reason it took that long is the fact I was trying to learn how to edit. Outsource. Needless to say, the other 2 never launched. Podcasting is a lot of work, but it's worth it. It has opened doors! –
    **Networking With Michelle Show Apple & Android


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