Steeped Tea Product Launch – Hamilton!

Steeped Tea Product Launch - Hamilton!
Do you love loose leaf tea? Maybe you haven't heard of Steeped Tea and want to know why we are the best kept secret and leading company in fine loose leaf teas? Want to be the first to see what's new in Steeped Tea? Have you been thinking about starting your exciting new tea business with Steeped Tea but want to learn more? Come see and taste some of the fabulous new products being released in the Fall/Winter catalog and get your own advanced copy of the catalog to take home! This will be fun but also informative! This is will be the ultimate tea party event and we want you to be there! Guests are welcome to attend from 10am-noon for the biggest ParTEA of the year! If you're interested in starting your own Steeped Tea business, feel free to stay for our consultant training from 1-3pm. If you're a Steeped Tea consultant, please come with your guests from 10am-12pm, and bring a bagged lunch. We'll do training for all consutlants in attendance from 1-3pm, so bring a notebook and feel free to invite anyone who may want to launch their own Steeped Tea business! Consultants will pay a small fee at the door and will be expected to assist in the organization and execution of this event. All consultants welcome! Guests are free!Facebook event -

at Philpott Memorial Church
84 York Boulevard
Hamilton, Canada



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