1. Ceej Vic Ceej Vic

    thanks DOOOOOOD

  2. K.H Giggles K.H Giggles

    you really need to add a desser to your effects rack. its incredibly sharp and sibilant

  3. Nivram Nivram

    Thanks a lot for that tutorial Max, my audio setup became awesome because of your help!

  4. Dane989 Dane989

    thank you max, you bloody rock dude!!!!

  5. MIKombat MIKombat

    Whats another good program that does all these things? Because i don't want to pay $10's a month for Adobe Audition.

  6. Chris Lightbody Chris Lightbody

    This is awesome Max thank you!

  7. Igor Sena Igor Sena

    Hey Max. Do you think it´s ok to record at very low levels, like -25 or -30 db and then normalize, compress etc to bring it up to a more high volume? The reason why i ask is because i have a condenser mic; it picks up even things on the street and my room also sucks so recording at low levels reduces a bit of what it picks up. Even if i record at around -12bd the noise is too loud. Of course i also reduce noise as well in audacity but do you think recording at those low levels gives better quality than recording a bit higher and still use noise reduction etc?

  8. Boom Confetti Boom Confetti

    Adobe Audition isn't really affordable. Monthly fee, really?
    Is there an alternative?

  9. Karakuioshi Karakuioshi


  10. WorldWarrior9000 WorldWarrior9000

    lol fuck this shit… ill stick to my PS4 streaming

  11. Blank Trigger Gamers Blank Trigger Gamers

    I've had your same setup for awhile now and I was always wondering why it never sounded amazing like yours and now I know. Thank you so much.

  12. King Goris King Goris

    this was awesome. more instructional videos like this please!

  13. Swindle Swashbucker Swindle Swashbucker

    I used audacity on my laptop and it works except for the fact that if im doing a game and recording audio with audacity the game audio gets mixed in. but its not as loud as my volume but it was quite weird to me. I was using OBS and I havent tested it out fully yet. I have a skull candy bluetooth headphones that I can use as a microphone is that a good idea?

  14. Dr. Krazy Dr. Krazy

    Mind Explodes I'm just gonna play with softwares for a few hours.

  15. kevin jack kevin jack

    this was dope AF Max! i'm not really looking into this stuff to stream or whatever but this was something really well received and cool. Thanks Max.

  16. BigGuyZee BigGuyZee

    …and there's me thinking that you just plug in a mic and do your thing! Awesome video, I'll definitely have to go back to this video if I ever wanna do gaming videos w/ commentary.

  17. PasticheofSkin PasticheofSkin

    excellent tutorial chap. I feel like I've been tuning myself to fix audio in flow rather than my hardware. the difference from with and without audio fixes is shocking.

    I'll be using some of this in the very near future


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