Streaming video software – a better way than using video

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Streaming video software is great for getting videos online on your website or blog for a few minutes of work. If you want to interact with your readers, you should use the video to ask them a few questions.

It doesn't matter if you have a personal home page or a business page – getting traffic is always important. It's not fun to take the time to create and keep a website without visitors. It's like showing a movie in a desolate movie theater.

You can find tips on how to get traffic to your website or blog. One of the more effective ways is to attract visitors.

This can be obtained in different ways. If you have a blog, you can ask to leave a comment. Or you can simply ask a question.

A short question usually only requires a short answer, for example: ' Do you celebrate Christmas? ' People can answer “yes” ' or no ' but there is no real participation here.

If you ask a longer question, you will encounter a new problem. People will have to read longer texts, and maybe your questions require a lot of explanation to get answers. In this case, the situation is even worse, because you have to write a lot of things, visitors must do a lot of reading. He may be completely tired of it before he can answer this question. Then he postponed it until the next day.

We all know that tomorrow, this ' will never come.

If you really want visitors to be involved, all you want to do is ask them questions in the video.

Tell them your face. Let them listen to your voice. It will all increase, and will make your audience feel that they know you better, and knowledge will bring trust.

Give yourself a flip cam, or use a webcam to record your own questions to the visitor. Tell them how they answered this question. Maybe they have to click on your comment box. Maybe they must be emailed to you. Regardless of the program, you should clearly explain it clearly in the video.

You now only need to add video to your main site or blog using streaming video software.

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