Success GPS Seminars- Mindset and Marketing Small Business Hands-On Intensive Retreat

Success GPS Seminars- Mindset and Marketing Small Business Hands-On Intensive Retreat
3 Intense Business Development Days with HANDS-ON training, sessions, and support.   Spend the weekend with FOUNDERS of companies, not sales teams. Learn not only Best practices but best kept secrets and strategies from the ones who created companies such as Co-Founder Alec Stern from Constant Contact (ad Co-Founder of they newly launched Handy Cane, past VP of Strategic Innovation at Innoloft, and so many start up community support events to mention).   Alec Stern will lead our strategy session and then talk about the 10 Pillars of Success.   Chad Kerby is the Director of partnerships with Infusionsoft. Chad will be walking us through a hands on sesison around Infusionsoft which has been a hot item request for over 2 years in my seminars.   Doug Walz will teach you how to use Text me leads effectively Jennifer Baker is a Master Certified Digital Marketing Expert and Founder of Success GPS Seminars and will fill in the blanks for you online Marketing  process and will be giving away so many gifts and offers throughout The BEST BUSINESS MINDS AND SOLUTIONS ARE COMING TOGETHER IN 1 EVENT FOR YOU!  The question is... will you show up for yourself?   Bring your busienss roadblocks, we'll start with your entire strategy and mindset and have hands on training sessions throughout so by the time you walk away Sunday afternoon you will have action steps already created and your business headed in teh right direction Many in our community have been to my hands-on trainings, motivational talks or seminars in the past. Mindset and Marketing will take you and your business to a whole new level with some of the best small business experts and hands-on training, motivational speakers and a series of intensive discussions with some of the top business minds in my rolodex!   This event is for: Executives wondering how to transition Entrepreneurs Business Owners Start-ups to companies growing up and everything in between!   Join us and achieve a whole new level of success leveraging the strength and wisdom of some of the best business minds and some incredible speakers to help you eliminate any excuses you thought you may have! 

at Harveys Lake Tahoe
Highway 50 and Stateline Avenue
Stateline, United States



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