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Both novice and expert moderators have experienced a little [or possibly a lot] nervous experience before the conversation. In a process of working with hundreds of people to help them improve their presentation skills, there has been a consistent theme: Once people start, and assume that things are relatively good, they will begin to relax, become more natural, less self-aware, and thus more effective.

Since the openness of any presentation is critical to the credibility of the information and the presenter, and since this is often the most stressful and cautious of the presenter, it makes sense to develop a strategy to optimize open performance.

I call the strategy "super preparation."

How to do it

Here are the steps to prepare for super:

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Design a dynamite opening. from

  This article doesn't focus on how to build the best open, but this is where you need to get started! Make sure your openness is clear, focused, focused and full of audience benefits. The person you want to hear is really interested in what you are saying. When you have a great open plan, your excitement and confidence will rise and you will be less worried.

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Practice the opening. from

  You need to "own" the great openness you have developed. Think about everything in the first 3-5 minutes of the lecture: words, sound distortion, gestures, movements, rhythms, etc. Know your words and find the best place to pause. Your goal is to prepare your mind and mind a few minutes in the first few minutes, and your nerves and concerns about the beginning will be greatly reduced. You will not reach that goal without practicing.

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Imagine success! from

  Spend some time thinking about how successful the opening will be. How engaged and interested your audience is. How confident and relaxed you will be. Visualizing these things is an important step in achieving these goals.

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rehearse. from

  I know, I have told you to practice. These rehearsals are the ultimate spiritual breakthrough, including practice and visualization. These rehearsals may be in your car, shower, just like you are lying in bed!

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End with "manufacturing". from

  After the practice, my basketball coach often said: "Don't let the lady on the court. This is my suggestion for your mental rehearsal. Always rehearsing the opening is great! This will consolidate the results you want in your brain, increase Your growing confidence and excitement.

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Don't remember! from

  All of these discussions about exercises and rehearsals may remind you of, "I just need to remember my opening remarks." Nothing is worse than this. When we remember, we focus on these words. If we mess up we lose it! Super preparation is to prepare super results – the super results presentation always focuses on the audience, not ourselves. Forget the memory. Remember the audience. Focus on the information, your approach and the results you expect.


The results of using super preparation include:

o more confident
o reduce anxiety or tension at the beginning of the conversation
o Give you a more credible first impression of your skills and audience information
o An influential opening ceremony

Are those not enough to try?

the rest

Will take care of yourself. You will be successful with greater confidence and energy, which will allow you to build on a great beginning, rather than trying to recover from a poor opening.

Try super preparation methods to your next presentation and prepare for more effective negotiations than ever before!

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