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  2. Ben Nguyen Ben Nguyen

    The link in the description is dead…

    So using Quartus 11+, the Qsys must have a JTAG-Avalon-Master component instantiated, is it necessary to remove all other jtag components ( JTAG uart , sld_virtual_jtag , etc), or can they all run along-side? For example the 'image_download_demo.zip' shows how to access the jtag uart from the host side.

    For the matlab portion, in order to do MasterWrite32/MasterRead32 commands, what setup is needed to execute system console (and to find the associated java jar files from altera's quartus/sopc_builder/model/lib folder? ex. com.altera.(systemconsole.; version ; utilities ; ui. ; tcl.interpreter ; service.jre ) .jar , alt_jtag_atlantic/jtag_atlantic.dll?

    Unfortunately, couldn't get it to work using the info found here..

    A documentation of sld_hapi.dll interface would perfectly supplement V2.0 ug_virtualjtag!


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