T-Mobile G1 mobile phone evaluation

HTC partnered with Google to create a new phone with an Android operating system. Called the "T-Mobile G1", this phone features a special design that pushes the big screen aside, revealing a complete 5-row qwerty keyboard.

Mobile phones are said to be the main competitors of Apple's iPhone. Mobile phones are built around open source operating systems, just like the iPhone, so developers and mobile phone manufacturers can provide content and application support to users. In practice, this means that everyone can build apps for this mobile phone for anyone to buy or just download for free via the internet. With the built-in keyboard, you can easily navigate on your phone, browse the web, and perform tasks such as writing emails or other documents.

G1 comes with:

  • 528MHz processor
  • WLAN function
  • 3.2 inch touch screen
  • Full 5 line QWERTY keyboard
  • 3.2 megapixel color camera with auto focus
  • Full HTML browser
  • Google Talk is a chat program
  • Use Google Maps' GPS navigation
  • Street View means you can see the map in real photos in Street View
  • Gmail
  • YouTube

And many other Google features.

The phone weighs 158 grams, which also includes the battery. The G1 also has built-in microphones and speakers that support many audio and video formats such as Mp3, AAC, ACC + and Mp4

G1 has a search box on the desktop for searching mobile phones and the Internet. To get to the search box, simply swipe your fingertips to the right and the desktop will slide to the screen with only the search box. The search box also has some cool features. For example, as you type, it tries to guess what you are searching for by listing the most common searches on the Internet.

One of the features that makes G1 stand out from the iPhone is the background image.

On the iPhone, you can't place a background image on your desktop, but on a G1 phone, just swipe on the desktop to get a panoramic image.

The G1 looks very similar to the previous T-Mobile Sidekick series.

I don't really like this design. I really expect more from Google and HTC, but I also think the software works well and has some very good features. The G1 is very easy to use, and you can use some shortcuts and add them directly to your desktop.

The absolute biggest advantage is the ability to accept open source programs, and I predict that this concept will be the future.

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