T-shirts For Blog Marketing

Using a T-shirt is a great way to advertise your service, business or something you are selling. Clothing has been used for advertising for nearly 100 years.

More recently, web site owners and people who have blogs have been designing T-shirts with their logos on them to help promote their web sites.

One way to do this is to create and then print your blogger T-shirts yourself. Once you do this, you'll have dozens of shirts you can give away or sell, and we all know people will wear a free T-shirt. It's an easy way to get your brand out there.

Not only can you advertise on the front of the shirt, but you can put logos, text or images on the back of the shirt as well. With a shirt, you can choose any message and display it to hundreds or thousands of people.

Think of all the events and gatherings you could wear a shirt to. Now imagine if you had several people wearing your shirt to all the different places they go. No wonder businesses like to give away free shirts!

If you want to begin advertising your blog on a shirt, here is some advice:

First of all, have shirts available in all sizes. Sometimes people give away all XL and XXL shirts thinking they will fit everyone. Not so, many people can only wear a small T-shirt or they look ridiculous.

You are probably better off printing all mediums and larges than XLs.

But the best thing to do is have shirts available in all sizes. Why would someone wear a shirt that doesn't fit? A shirt the wrong size will sit in someone's closet for years. You wants shirts available in all sizes for men, women and kids, too.

Try doing some long sleeved shirts and some short-sleeved shirts. That way people will have something to wear all year. If it's winter and below zero, why would you give away a T-shirt? Make it long sleeved.

As far as color goes, white is generally the cheapest. But other colors will stand out more. And for a little more, you can get colored text or logos on the colored shirt. Get creative. When you print a bunch of shirts, the cost will go down anyway.

One way to get a discount is to ask the provider or T-shirt printing company to leave their logo on the shirt as well. That way, they will get free advertising with all of your shirts. If you do this, they will probably be happy to give you a discount on all of your shirts.

Pick a good material. You want the shirts to be comfortable, or people won't wear them. Again, if no one is wearing your shirts, then you might as well not print any. If you would wear it, then others would probably also wear it.

Finally, get something creative to put on the shirt. It's better to offend a few people and have the other half love it than to do something plain and boring down the center.

People like to make a statement with their own blogging T-shirts, so why not give them a statement?

There are many more ideas out there for T-shirt designing as advertisement. This is just to help you get started.

Do you have a T-shirt for your blog?

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