Take A Right Stance In PHP Development

Till today PHP Development is an admirable job in a web development industry because PHP is ruling over more than 60% web and have more than 20 million website at its credit. If someone say it is a bad programming language and has nothing much interesting and easy then we definitely conclude that this programmer is running in weird state of mind or not has much knowledge about the PHP itself and perhaps not of other programming languages.

At first glance this might not true but if we run second thought then we have some insight about such statements. First of all PHP was built as a non-programming language, but later on it evolved as a programming language with its each new version. Due to such orientation it is easy to learn for the freshers and it is more easy if someone has C class languages knowledge as its most of syntax is akin to C.

Basically PHP is build for web development so if we start PHP development for desktop or mobile use then failure is assured. Same the way PHP is highly flexible so it let you do coding your own ways, but this flexibility is its enemy because novice PHP developers don’t know how to manage and organize code properly so she creates clutter in code and end up with non-traceable complexities therefore, PHP frameworks came in to existence. Thus, it is imperative to select appropriate PHP frameworks before starting PHP web development project according to the needs of projects and its suitability against the complexities of the project. For instance if you have project of medium size business then you can go for CakePHP development. If you are in need of something bigger then Zend framework development is the best idea.

PHP is concise enough as it has many time saving functions like usort(), file_get_contents(), etc. which are working decently otherwise C++ will take pages for that. Therefore, enough knowledge of scripting is the secrete key to make PHP programming rapid and standard. If you use over bundled code and take clumsy then you might have array of problems at the end of PHP application development. Clean coding is ultimate need of any client because if code is not clean and comprehensive with enough comments then debugging and problem solving becomes difficult.

Assign proper functions, strings, arrays and other elements so your PHP web programming would be considered as quality one and you won’t face much problems ans complaints after finishing the things once. If you are an active PHP programmer then you must have live touch with latest developments in PHP web development community so you can enhance your performance and improve your knowledge as well as your code libraries and other good practices of coding.

Good PHP coders always keep a record of essential code snippets so they don’t have to invent the wheel again and again. When you are working in a team or your project is attended by more than one PHP web programmer then you should use a version indicating system for codes. This practice is more useful when live version and development versions are differ from each other.

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