Taking out the Barnacles: A Traffic Formula 2.0 Review

Mike Dillard had been rocking the boat since he joined the MLM world, and he’s doing it again with his new product: the Traffic Formula 2.0. The difference is he isn’t rocking it to sink it; he does it to shake off a few dead weights that’s slowing the ship down.

Shiny and New

Everyone knows about the launching of the Titanic, and all it proved, in terms of launchings, is that no matter how grand the start is, you can never tell if it will get to where it’s going.

But we won’t be talking about product launching in this Traffic Formula 2.0 Review because it’s not about big openings; it’s about getting people to see it and that when the toasts have been given and the champagne has been drunk, you will still be in business the next day. Wouldn’t you rather start small and build up your own comfortable yet sustainable little niche, than for your business to go in full tilt – only to hit an iceberg in the middle of nowhere?

Half the Journey

In this Traffic Formula 2.0 Review, I won’t just tell you that the formula helped me get good prospects, website hits, and a lot of money. It did. And I won’t just tell you that the 36 minutes I spent on the video gave me a lifetime of knowledge and an entirely new way of going about things – though it did that, too.

So apart from sharing this Traffic Formula 2.0 Review with you, I am also going to tell you how to get the video for FREE. Are you ready? See that button down there? Click on it, and let’s get rocking!

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