Tampa Bay Infragard Membership Meeting

Tampa Bay Infragard Membership Meeting
Thursday, Julty 27, 2017 Infragard Board Meeting – Tampa Bay Chapter LOCATION: Tech Data at 16202 Bay Vista Drive, Clearwater, FL, Seminar Room 4.  This is a 4 story building, flags flying out front, and the name on the building is Raymund Center.  Speakers can park in visitor parking (in front of our building), and there is an overflow lot directly across the street.  Attendees must enter the building via the front door, where they will be greeted by a security guard or receptionist.  There will be special sign in sheets for InfraGard, and attendees must sign in and receive a visitor badge.  AGENDA 9:00 am           FBI PRESENTATION A crisis negotiation and polygraphy expert will discuss recommendations for crisis negotiation and communication and the use of polygraphy.  More information to be provided shortly. 10:00 am         AN INSIDER’S VIEW OF DOD SECURITY CONSIDERATIONS & PREDICTIONS                         Michael S. Hill, Program Manager for Cybersecurity at CAE Cybersecurity within the DoD from the perspective of Cybersecurity Manager for the KC-135 Aircrew Training System Simulator.  This presentation will discuss the cyber threat landscape in general, Air Force flight simulators and cybersecurity, future predictions and trends (more general in nature) and tips on how to protect against attacks. 11:00 am         Mosquito Disease Vectors and their Chemical Killers: A Double Jeopardy Danger                         Frank D. Parker, CEO of Aquatic BioSystems, LLC Many species of mosquitoes are arbovirus disease vectors, transmitting extremely harmful diseases that include Malaria, Yellow Fever, Chikungunya, West Nile virus, Dengue Fever, and now the Zika virus, rendering the mosquito the deadliest animal family in the world. However, there is yet another hidden threat in this picture:  the toxic chemicals used in the efforts to control this pestilence. The toxic chemical cocktail typically used to control mosquitos has many adverse externalities beyond the mosquito danger itself.  The CDC confirmed that the Zika virus causes microcephaly (an infant’s underdeveloped brain at birth), but microencephaly is only the tip of the problem.  Costs alone resulting from the mosquito threat are staggering.  Recent studies predict that Zika virus infections will soon hit the currently most at-risk States of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas causing over 3 million to more than .2 billion in medical costs and direct productivity costs.  Layer on millions of dollars being spent on chemical mosquito control.   Miami Dade County, FL, alone, last year spent approximately million dollars on mosquito control.  But expense is secondary to the threats to human health.  In that connection, the most disturbing consequence of mosquito control is the very significant public health externalities resulting from the powerful chemicals used in Mosquito control programs.  In addition, the mosquitos are developing immunity to the most toxic of the neurotoxins used in the control efforts.  There are innovative options to potentially create “fire walls” against epidemic arbovirus disease outbreaks and lessen the use of the toxic chemical control agents in our communities, on our farms, and in our larger environment.   This discussion will include a look at such systems.

at 16202 Bay Vista Drive
Tech Data , Raymund Center
Clearwater, United States

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