Taotao ATV – a teenager for your child

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Founded in 1998, China Tao Tao is one of the world's leading manufacturers of all-terrain vehicles, gas scooters, off-road vehicles, sea scooters and machetes. With six production lines, it produces no less than 3,000 ATVs per year. Single month, in addition to other products. All Taotao ATV parts are CE, UL and GS certified and the engine test equipment is directly from Germany.

Product Range

The Taotao 4WD has a variety of engines to choose from. The smallest start is only 50cc, and the largest is 250cc. Other options for this include 110cc, 125cc and 150cc. With ATV becoming the coolest thing for kids, the Taotao ATV has proven to be a great casual group of four. With such a wide range of quads, your child will always like this!

Advantages of purchasing Taotao ATV

While not all Amoy ATV parts are the best you can find, there are many benefits to buying an ATV from here.

• Taotao offers customers a variety of options. Each ATV has its own specifications and you can choose according to your requirements.

• There is an additional start switch on the side of each Taotao ATV. This is because the handle activation switch does not always respond. Here, to avoid this trouble, we offer an extra, more robust starter switch.

• Not many ATVs are equipped with shifting devices, but Amoy's ATV parts have gears on them. If you want your child to learn how to change gear, in order to push them to a bigger ATV, this ATV will help you.

• There is a spark arrester inside the exhaust pipe. Laws in several regions require spark arresters if you want to ride in the woods.

• Children who are learning how to drive an ATV usually do not have the strength to apply rest. However, the footsteps of the Taotao ATV are less stressful, so it is very helpful in this regard.

Shortcomings of purchase

As mentioned earlier, not all Taotao ATV parts work well together.

• If you want to buy one of the ATVs, you have to be very convenient, because you will eventually tighten the nuts and bolts regularly. Considering the terrain that ATV is driven, these things tend to relax and sometimes even fall.

• Regarding all ATVs, the chain of Taotao ATV requires regular oiling, almost every time.

Repair your ATV

Considering the fact that ATV will travel on rugged terrain, it is clear that it will experience some wear and tear. These are not hard to find, so you can easily get them and fix the quads yourself.

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