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    I love you so much … Helped my job immensely

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    32:46 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    could you please make video on ULL, or give brief info please

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    "If you need a life press 3" 😂. Great info!

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    Thank you so much for all these information. That helps me so much on my work!!!

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    cool and simple explain way … thanks

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    Did he record and upload the second video before the first? Dec 2010.. the first is in 2011.

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    why are you repeating everything extremly often, I think to repeat it once is OK, but this costs tons of time… 🙂
    apart from that -> great job !!!

  9. David Somers-Harris David Somers-Harris

    So are the separate functions of the PBX and voice mall system the reason why you used to not be able to press your number for the auto attendant until after the tone? And how come many systems support this now? Is it because of VoIP?

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    What kind of person searches for a video on call routing, then downvotes something like this? What part of the video was worth a downvote, the call routing part? I don't get people…

  11. cleatrampler cleatrampler

    Rotary phones are neither stupid or little. Most of my phones are rotary. However, with Asterisk, a TI card and a channel bank a rotary phone is as fast as touch tone.

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    your helpful but not reach the satisfactory levels.

  13. pepe6666 pepe6666

    argh this is painful. hes spending all this time talking about PBX stuff. and calling the lines trunk lines.
    i thought this was going to be about inter exchange routing.

  14. pepe6666 pepe6666

    i thought a trunk was actually a line between exchanges/central officies. the line that goes to ya house is a subscriber line right?

  15. controllerbrain controllerbrain

    Just started working in sales at a teclo. Never sold Telco before and trying to get my head around the products. These videos are priceless for my situation. Thank you!

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    My IT school right here. you're the man Eli

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    you're the best ELI


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